Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good Bye Anita!!!!

Thats the night 2 or 3days before I leave to Perak. I will be at Perak from 12th July to 24th July for training. On 24th July, Anita will leave Kuching to Melbourne. Thus, we make earlier the farewell dinner...

Place: Lim Hock Ann Seafood, Buntal.
Time: 8 pm
Attented: Balenion, Anita, Dennis & Ai Mey

I took this without notice that "someone was in side". Did u see anita by the way?? Hahaha...

Anita, who are going to leave to Melbourne soon. And today, 25th, she is at Melbourne now. T.T~

Dennis, the driver of the night...

Ai Mey


Then u snapped some of the foods there. There are famouse of the seafood.. So i took down the photoes and its just as delicious as wad u can see in the pics...

Paku + Belacan... It's just nice when they were cooked together...

Tek Ham Curry....

Butter Prawn.... I felt hungry when i look at these pics.. :P

Crab fried with Black Pepper. The crab is just isn't nice. Hai Ba Wang's Crab nicer than here de. Don't believe me? Just go and try and compare!

Deep Fried FIsh with Ginger & Onions....

Wooo... My beloved O Jian...

Teh C Peng Special.... 3 layer. U can get this nowadays in most of the coffee shop around Kuchign city.. :)

Well, four of us at Buntal...

After that, we went to KIA ( Kuching International Airport ) to take some pics for memories. Airport is the place for people to leave and also come back. It's just full of sadness and happiness for me.. Hahaha.. I will leave kuching to perak thru here, and Anita will left Kuching HERE too... Wad m i crapping? Kinda Stupid.. Hahahaha..

Night View of KIA ( Kuching International Airport ).

Group photoes in KIA.

On 24th, I able to met Anita at KLIA but we cant sit down and talk properly. My flight is at 6.30pm and i met her at aroudn 6.15pm. I'm rushing for my planes at that time. SOrry Anita for not going into the waiting hall earlier on. Wish u all the best and good luck at Melbourne. Do take good care of urself until we meet again. Remember, memories will owes stuck in our mind, wherever we are.. Dont worry~!!! Gambate fren!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Pop Wave Karaoke ( Version Two ) Gathering With VIP, Miss Anita~!!

Its july already and Anita, Amelia and Clarence are leaving this month on 24th. Well, we planned another gathering at Pop Wave Karaoke again after Huoy Shien's Farewell... Its kinda fun this time but Amelia dint turn up again.

Venue: Pop Wave Karaoke
Date: 7th July 2007
Time: 2pm to 6pm ( Rm20 per person's Package )
Attended: Anita, Ai Mey, Dennis, Me, Clarence and Pei Pei ( my coursemate)

Pei Pei, Singing the first song for the Open Ceremony~! :)

From left, Pei PEI, Anita, Ai Mey, Dennis and Me. ( I'm just acting like I'm singing... )

Clarence, the CAMWHORE KING, sing with full emotion on his face. Wahahaha....

This two Twins sisters. Look at both of them clearly, did they look alike??? Anyway, both of them got a Elephant Nickname.. :P

Group Photoes....

Our miss Anita... Who are leaving to Melbourne soon....

Miss Pei Pei, My coursemate. She can sing very well... :P

Ai Mey, paying Rm20 to hug pillow and sleep in the Karaoke Box. She said:" Being a supervisor can earn alot u know??!! " Hahahaha..

Dennis, The Drunk King, Sleepy face..

Camwhore King, Mr Clarence Foo... He is Cam-Sensitive.... I just simple wanna snap his pics and he turned to me and pose.. Sigh!! -.-""||

And finally, it's me, Balenion. It's karaoke box, of coz must take pics with Mic and Plasma Tv la.. Hahahaha

Again!!! Anita with weird Pose~!!! Dint eat medicine!!!

Well, we met Lip Zhao who used to be in same class with me in Form 2 and he changed alot.
He's currently working in Aheko Restaurant beside Pop Wave Karaoke Box at Pitanak.
I cant recognised him twice ady. Hope he can be understanding and forgive me.. Hehehez.. Sorry, Lip Zhao~!!

Another group Pics~!

Just now is stampian, now add in my coursemate... Stampian-Lintang it becomes. hahahaha...

After Karaoke at 6pm, we are hungry ady and thinking of places for us to take dinner. After that, we targetted Garden Steamboat Located near Green Road. So zooom we go...~

The steamboat there. No more bOil-only. For ur information, Garden Steamboat use to be Boil-Only steamboat but now, they change the whole thing. I still go and ask the waitress, did ur tauke changed ady?? How funny Im.. :P~ Now, U can fried ady...

Few of us....

After that, we are very full and Camwhore King desperate for place to snap his beloved pics. So, we went to the city centre and take those cats pics since some of them are leaving kuching to other places. Kucing Symbolyzed Kuching City~!

It's me Balenion Caught on Cam....

Left: Thomas, Anita, Ai Mey and Amelia...

Anita, Clarence, Me and Dennis. Camwhore King Insist to stand up! I dont know why too.. hahahaha..

Groups photo of us... Nice background!!!

Well, we met Jefferey. it had been years i dint see him ady. He's just back from ns and
I ask him: " why are u so black? "..
He replied:" i just back from NS lar... "
I said:" Sorry, i forgot!! "
I'm that black also when just back from NS last time... :P~

And finally, Me and Amelia. Just never have any pics with Amelia before. Now here is a memory.. hahaha.. Amelia, Dont forget me after u go Singapore~!! :)~

P/s: Thanks Clarence for helping to snap pics. We are helping each other too.. Okay?? :P~

Read also -->> Having Fun from Clarence blog. Thumbs Up for his Photoshop skill. Thos pics are nicer u can find in his blog. Hahahaa....

NEXT!!! : Dinner at Buntal Seafood & Airport! Stay Tune~!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pop Wave ( Version One) GoodBye Huoy Shien~~!!

Well, actually I'm supposed to post up this entry very earlier on.. And and Sorry for the late Update! I was too busy to choose the pics out and blog. But I told myself I gotta blog this out tonight dont care wad happen. I name this as Version one because yesterday we went to Pop Wave again. And it's version two. I gonna blog that out after this. Well, I'd mentioned about Pop Wave Karaoke since the first time i went there in Frenster's Lol Zone's Discussion. And I'd not intro properly about Pop Wave.

Venue: Pop Wave Karaoke
Time: 8pm to 2am
Attended: Andy, Anita, Dennis, Huoy Shien, Ai Mey, Thomas, Balenion

Now, here u go...

Pop Wave Karaoke Box.... Located at Pitanak just next to Dong Guan Xi Guan ( click to view my previous POST. )

It has few rooms and this room that we get in that night is a 6 person's room. The door....

It's computerized and full of songs. U can find mostly the songs u wanted in there. Old + latest songs....

The systems. The Plasma Tv and the computerized system below it...

Pop Wave Menu....

The drinks.. It's kinda artistic right?? :P~

From left, Dennis, Ai Mey, Anita, Huoy Shien, Andy and Balenion.... Sitting comfortably on the sofa. Hahahaha...

Huoy Shien and Andy.... Don't rampas mic arr... :)

Did u ever heard Ai Mey Singing?? Hahaha.. Too bad i dint record it down..

Wooo... Thomas singing wor.. Of coz must take the digicam and snap this pics down lar.. Hahahha.. Ai mey and Dennis seeems so enjoy hor.. Bring Thomas back to sing before u guys sleep lar.. :)

Andy and Anita singing.. Well, Huoy Shien looks so happy when Andy sings. Did he sang some love song?? Hahaha.. Huoy SHien Huoy Shien~ ~ !!

Erm.... After quite a period of time singing, sudd, we heard " Priiiiiiingg....... PiiiiiiAaaaaaaanNnnnnGggggg~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! " Turn my head and look for the sound-source. I saw Andy passing me one piece of glass. Guess wad??? Let's see....

The glass of the Decoration Light Broke!!!...

This is before....


And this is After.. Hahahaa.. See? That piece of glass.... It happened when Andy stood up and pose to help Anita them to take pics. He just slightly lean to the wall and kena the glass of the light. It broke like this. Well, the glass is very thin wad..

Well, Andy got 3 cases happened here since we came few times.
1st case, we go together 1st time and he broke the glass of the drinks.
2nd case, as in the picture, broke the glass of the Light.
3rd case, he broke the Wood of the sofa while he is climbing up to take pics..
Its kinda like wad we chinese use to say, 八字不合. Hahaha.. Andy try it in Red Box see will this happen or not.. :P~

From Left, Thomas, Dennis, Ai Mey, Anita, Huoy SHien and Andy...

Anita Fa Zuo again. Some weirdo pose come out from her with Huoy Shien. That two sister.. Hahahaha.. Sigh!!!

Huoy Shien and me...

Anita and Huoy Shien....

Huoy Shien and me again. but this pics, Huoy Shien seems so so so Shy.. DOnt shy dont shy.. Lai lai lai~ Smile.. :)~

Huoy Shien, the Karaoke Queen, Solo... Nice pose ya.. Hahahhaa

Finally, three of us Camwhore!!! Quite cun eh. No one de head is half de. Me, Dennis and Andy..

Huoy Shien, All the best to you and Sorry for late posting this up. Unable to be intime to blog it out before u leave. Really sorry.. Good Luck!! Come back Kuching must find us ohh...

P/s : Thanks Mr. Thomas for being Photographer of the night. Quite alot of pics took by him..

I will blog out Pop Wave Version 2 soon.. Stay tune~ !!