Friday, December 21, 2007

Boulevard Kuching will open 2moro, 22nd December 2007.

It’s confirmed that Sarawak’s largest one-stop lifestyle centre, Boulevard Shopping Mall at Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli is all set to welcome shoppers this Saturday (Dec 22).
The workers had been working round the clock for the shopping mall’s soft opening at 10.30am.
Boulevard Hypermarket and Departmental Store covered over 150,000 sq ft of Phase 1 of the new mall.

There are other 52 other retailers including leading franchises such as Famous Amos, Kenny Rogers, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sushi King, Ayamas, Old Town Kopitiam, Watson and Guardian.
Some of these retailers will open this Saturday while the rest before the year end.
Several other established franchises such as McDonald’s, Dome Cafe and Starbucks have expressed their interest to operate at Boulevard as well.

Nearly 800 parking bays available in the basement for shoppers’ convenience.
The mall would have more retail space totalling over 700,000 sq ft and 2,011 parking bays after Phase 2 is completed in December 2008. There would be six cineplexes, a 32-lane bowling centre, a skating rink, a playground, an amusement arcade and an exhibition and promotion area in the pipeline.

There would also have a bank, post office, food court, open air Boulevard Avenue for concerts, events and festive fairs, lifestyle spa-yoga-gym-aerobics centre and rooftop swimming pool in line with its one-stop lifestyle mall concept.
The mall would be integrated with Imperial Apartment Hotel, offering over 700 units for completion in 2009.

On the soft-opening this Saturday,there would be an ongoing roadshow to promote Boulevard Family Card and other products from its business partners.

To usher in the coming Christmas season, there will be:Christmas carolling from Dec 22 to 24 from 2pm to 3pm (session one) and 7pm to 8pm (session two)Santa Claus and Santarina will be making appearances with gifts to be given away between Dec 22 and 25.On Dec 25, a Christmas Tree Deco Competition and Boulevard Christmas Performance by staff will be held.
Other coming events:Mini IT Fair (Dec 26 to 27)TV10 Concert featuring Village Kids (Dec 28)Phoebe Yap and BoyzFrenz ‘Oh My Honey Meet The Fans Session’ (Dec 29)Christmas charity project at Sarawak Orphanage Home or Peryatim (Dec 30)Boulevard New Year countdown party (Dec 31)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mobile Phone & Miss Tourism 2007

Well, i got this from my email. It sounds very interesting and im sure u all will start to press ur phone right now! Hahaha. Check check check!!

Would you like to know if
your mobile is original or not ?????

Press the following on your mobile
*#06# and the-international mobile equipment identity number appears. Then check the 7th and 8th numbers:

7 th
8 th
Phone serial no.

IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 0
, 2 or 2 , 0 this means your cell phone was assembled in Emirates which is very Bad quality

IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 0
, 8 or 8 , 0 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Germany which is fair quality

IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are
0, 1 or 1, 0 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Finland which is very Good

IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 0
, 0 this means your cell phone was manufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile Quality

IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 1
, 3 this means your cell phone was assembled in Azerbaijan which is very Bad quality and also dangerous for your health

Im too lazy to blog something about the Miss Tourism 2007 out and my fren, Cynthia had blogged it out this evening! Have to congrats her of her HARD work. Hahaha.. Well, u can read the post out of HEr's from here. Click this link ->> Miss Tourism 2007 Preview Show. Sorry Cynthia for the CopyRight Problem. We'll solve it with our Lawyer ok? Hahaha.. :)

I like the Miss Beauty from Korea. She is a real charming and pretty girl. Hahaha.. She is too leng lar.. U can feel her beautiness if u r closer to her then. Huh! Too sad cant take photo with her.. =)~

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Golden Compass - Strongly Recommended.


The Golden Compass..

The pretty, handsome, intelligent, cute Characters..

Well, i watched The Golden Compass this noon. Its really a very nice movie. I seldom say a movie is nice. U can predict how nice it is. but u dont have to predict anyway, just go ahead buy a ticket and go in any cinema to watch it. Herm... U will not sleep eventhough how cold the cinema are. Believe me!! Hehe.. Just to introduce all of u out there to watch it. Worth ur Rm10.. :P

Movie Title :: The Golden Compass
Release Date :: 6 December 2007
Language :: English
Classification :: U
Running Time :: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Director :: Chris Weitz
Cast :: Nicole Kidman, Dakota Blue Richards, Eva Green, Daniel Craig, Nonso Anozie.
Trailer :: Click here to watch trailer
Official website ::

From the producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Golden Compass is based on Philip Pullman's bestselling and award-winning novel His Dark Materials trilogy. It is an exciting fantasy adventure, set in an alternative world where people's souls manifest themselves as animals, talking bears fight wars, and Gyptians and witches co-exist. At the center of the story is Lyra, a 12 year-old girl who starts out trying to rescue a friend who's been kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as the Gobblers - and winds up on an epic quest to save not only her world, but ours as well.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam...

Now the famouse whole over the Asia de Artis, Wu Zun's hometown.

Wu Zun.
Ur idol? My idol? Hehe..

Well, is him my idol? I can say YES. I watched his two dramas.
One is Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nv and the latest one is Gong Zhu Xiao Mei.
His acting skills improve alot as we can see after watched that two dramas. Undeniably, he got the super the Handsome Leng Zai face that every girl wans. I admire his Body. I think every guy will want to be like him... Herm.. How long will take me to become like him if i go to Gym hor?? Wahahaha..
He co-operated with Zhang Shao Han in the Drama Gong Zhu Xiao Mei and now only we can get the 12th Episode on the internet. Its very nice. For those haven approach the movie, u have to rush from 1 to 12th in order to catch up with the storyline.. Hehe..

This is the Well Known Palace of Sultan Brunei. Its made of GOLD GOLD GOLD!!! Hahaha. But the compound are too large that we cant take the picture of it from the gate. Sigh. Sultan really rich lar.. :P

This is the main gate of the Golden Palace..
Cinderella been here and have to rush home before 12. Hehehe..

See. The palace surrounded by TREES. Is the palace in a forest?? Hehe. No No nO.. They plant the trees so that. OUTSIDERS like me cannot simply take a look or photo of it. :P

The Mini Cute Clock Tower standing in the City. How cute yeah. Cant find any in Kuching.. :(

U can see lots of this kind of deco as the gate or door all along the way in the city..

The building here... All is not very tall right? Actually got story wan..
Tell u later.. hehe..

Herm. Unique Decoration right. Hehe..
Brunei, a nice place. Quite artistic. And the buildings all are quite HIGH CLASS look..

This is the highest mosque at Brunei.
Sultan: " Nor shall any building built HIGHER than this mosque!! "
So u know the story now why all brunei's building just that high? Hahaha.
Thats been this one case that a building built higher than this mosque and they are asked to reduce the height by Lessing down the Floor of the building. Its so kinda funny man..

The advertisements along the road is also different from Kuching one.
Hey Hey.. Time to wake up and learn something ya?

This mosque is Specialised for the Royal Family use ONLY.
Anyone other than that, will be SHOOT!! AK41. See u scare mei. Hahaha. I add this in myself lar.. :P

We reach Brunei something around 10am. So we just went for our lunch in a shopping Complex's Food Court after Turning Around the city..

Maxam Restaurant.
Is just one of the stalls in the Food COurt which has the Most Choice of food. So we all ordered our food here.. :P

See those Choices? All is Delicious Delicious de pics.. Wahahaha.. Attracted me alot.. :P

The stall beside is Hong Kong Dim Sum. Since im Dim SUm lover, i just go to have a look..

The tables and chair in the food court..
Quite comfy ei..

The choice of drinks..

Still got Ready-packed ones. Can just simply grab the one u want and pay...

Brunei made Mineral Water.. Hahaha.. Im just too lame..

Free internet surfing for every purchase at Drinks and Snacks Stall...
How good can online while savouring those delicacy ar. Hahaha

This is Curry Butter Chicken Rice. Very nice... Rating: 9/10.
B$ 4 times 2, RM8.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice. Rating 8.8/10
B$ 4

This is very special. I try this first time in my life. Cheese Backed Oyster!! Herm.. The taste is BINGO!! Rating 10/10.
B$ 2 ONLY. Any cheese oyster u can find in malaysia only cost rm2 i KISS you if u show me!! Hahahaha.. Is CHEAP!!! Of coz, Dont convert to RM la..

Yam Puff. Rating: 8/10. Nothing special lor. can eat at M'sia also. Same taste..

My ABC. Still Song Kheng Hai's the best. This one the Red Bean, as HARD as a ROCk! Damn it!!

My plate of Chicken Chop. B$ 6.Very nice. And very big portion. Eat til very Songz and very full.. I'm Lovin It!! :P

Islam style McDonald?? Sigh. 1st time see McD with Jawi de. Kinda weird huh??
Brunei is an Islamic country. its kinda strict with all the rules and laws.
No Alcoholic stuff allowed to PASS BY Brunei.
And also, the Whole Brunei SERVES NO PORK!!!
Dont make any PORK JOKE okay?

After lunch, I went to The Mall. Its a new and the only shopping mall in Brunei.

Very Artistic huh? Hehe.
Where we wanna go later?
The Mall.
Wad Mall?
The Mall lar..
No any name for The Mall?? Hahaha..

Nah.. How the Mall looks like..
Its huge and quite Empty actually inside with wide range of corridors and not much people walking inside..

There's this special thing which i haven saw any of this in M'sia. Mini Melts. Have u saw any ice Cream Mini Balls before??

Mini Melts..

Special? No ice cream looks and taste like THAT!!

Nah.. Quite few flavour to choose..

Close look.
U see.. ice Cream Balls. i dont have B$ with me that time, so i can only look at it and Take photo!! :(

Overall, i like Brunei quite alot.
Oh ya. The Jerudong Park which had been so Well Known before had been Closed due to Lack of B$ to Maintain those Engines and Machines. Last time, when it was just open, it was free and after that, when they started to collect Fees, not much people go to pay a Visit again. how poor things ya. I got the chance to turn around outside the Jerudong Park. Its huge! It looks like Korea's Drama de Wonderland Park. hahaha. Too Ke Xi now no more open jor.. :(