Saturday, August 25, 2007

Something Funny ! Or a Lame Entry ?! =P

I read Pei Pei's Blog this noon after Cynthia ask me where is the location De Crimson which is a Western Cuisine Cafe that Pei Pei intro-ed. So i found this translate Cute thingy and i added it to my blog as well. It might not be useful for my frens to read my blog but its cute. So i just added in for fun. Hahaha..
Added in my blog ady..
can see this at my blog! The right top side.
U should notice it before u read this.. :P

After added in, i tried it since im so curious and i found out somehting that is so so so funny. It direct translate all my broken English into chinese when i clicked on a China's Flag. Due to the Direct translater, it became another meaning and changed the whole meaning of my blog. I dont get it in other language but yes, in chinese i can read. I took down the pics and its really funny~~!!

This is onmy latest BLOG on KFC.. and really funny. Coz i Shouted a Foul word and they translate it also! Hahaha.. Let see....

I shouted Fuck You! ( as circled ) in the previous blog.
and i clicked on the China Flag and it opened a new tab.

Direct Translate!! hahaha.. U saw the chinese word? Yu Ni Xing Jiao! ( As Circled )

For those who don't understand chinese, let me explain. Yu Ni Xing Jiao simply mean Having Sex with you. And, in the entry, i used it as a kind of Expression and not .xxxx .... !! Sigh! I hope the translator dont make other people think of what the hell im writting about! Wahahahaha...

I went to play Badminton at Winner Court today with my frens. It's sat and we booked the Package, 7pm to 10pm. but still the price is Rm20 ( Rm10 per hour after 7pm ). It means, free one hour for those who get the package!
After that, went to Siang Siang to have Supper. When we reach the place, its about 11pm ady. I ordered Fried Mee with tomato and Sugar Cane ( without Ice ). Sudd, one of my fren which i just get to know them today, ask my fren, Do u ever ate Pork Leg rice on the roof?? Its kinda Weird coz its too sudden. And my fren didnt reply at 1st, she changed the Song, Wu Ding ( sang by Jay Chou and Wen Lan ) to her own lyrics.

Original Lyrics is -> Zai Wu Ding Chang Zhe Ni De Ge~ Zai Wu Ding He Wo Ai De Ren....
HER lyrics -> Zai Wu Ding Chi Zhe Zhu Jiao Fan ( Pork Leg Rice in chinese ).

I'm drinking my Sugar Cane and i just sudd Bruppp!! A bit only lar. Not until kena ppl. Hahaha...

After that, the funny fren said, turn ur head back to the stall behind u. And i took the pics down.. Hahaha.. Lets see...

The Rm4.00 Wu Ding Pork Leg Rice. So lame... No wonder he sudd ask so weird de question lar.. And thanks for Mr Ah Siang which i just get to know the name so far for treating us Supper. There will be chance for me to treat HIM back.. :P~

p/s: Cynthia, i will try the De Crimson then let u know the taste and the price ok?? :P

Thursday, August 23, 2007

KFC - It's Finga Licki'n Good~ + Gifts

I believe everyone ever Stepped in a KFC outlet before. Advertisements on TV and also the old-favorite songs, It's finga Lickin good~ Or in chinese, 好到吮手指~ is no more a What??!! thing for u guys. Well, I'm here now to share a point of me in those outlets in KFC branches in Kuching, Sarawak.

The KFC branches in Kuching that i always go are:
Saberkas, Cause its near to my campus..
3rd mile, will passby and when we used to decide to take meal at Pizza Hut, Sudd change to KFC just downstairs. Hahaha
Tabuan Jaya. Used to be near to my house.

Well, I took my dinner at KFC, Tabuan Jaya Branches on Sunday and Tues. Huh! It's alot of FAT in my body now.. I tell myself, i wont go into any KFC for 2 months. Hope i can make it!! Hehehe.. Both me and my mum ordered the dinner plate as its dinner time mar. Actually is i want to eat more Fried Chicken lar.. Hahaa.. My mum only like Drumstick, so i ordered whole plate of drumstick set for her. Well, for me, i dont like chicken wings, other still ok for me. I just felt that Chicken Wings are Meatless and not worth it!

This my mum's plate of Whole-plate-drumstick-DinnerPlate.
Well, i tried to ask for whole plate of drumstick before at other branches, they just told me:
" I'm sorry sir, according to the law, we have to mix it with chicken wing, drumstick and also chicken breast meat! "
Fuck you! Customer rights owes the Priority ok?!!
This Tabuan Jaya's Branch did a very good Job! hahaha.. * Thumbs Up for them~~!! *

Super Duper less Cheezy Wedges and they named it LARGE?
Damn it! The workers shall steal one and put into their mouth either!!
I like Cheezy Wedges very much and everytime when i pay a visit to KFC, i'm sure to order a set of Dinner plate, One Large Cheeze ( they normally will shout like this when u order a cheezy wedges. Dont believe? Notice it! Haha..) and also a cup of Orange ( without Ice) or Milo Ice sometimes.

My plate of Dinner Plate, 1 Drumstick with 2 Breast Meat! No Chicken Wing as i told the Counter girl who served me. Hahaha.. See? This is wad other Branches Should learn! Customer always the Priority ok??
Actually i'm too hungry and if u r Investigate type of ppl, u shall notice my Smashed Potatoes Being DIGGED! hahaha..

well, an extra Knowledge for those KFC lovers...
Saberkas: Meat often not 100% Cook with strange smell but still can be eaten. Cheezy Wedges is at normal Quantity.
3rd Mile: Meat is ok. Cheezy wedges quite alot.
Tabuan Jaya: Fried Chickens are delicious but the cheezy is so so Pls la.. The only place that i success ask for Whole plate of drumstick in any meal set. :P~
Sarawak Plaza: Both is so Normal.
Hopoh: Cheezy Wedges quite alot. Chicken nth special...

In a Gift Shop located at Hock Lee Centre...

When i just walked into the shop, i'm attracted to a BIG and HUGE Snoopy on top of the Shelfs. I don't find it special to be blog out here but when i look at the price, i decided to take out my handphone and snap this Stupid Idiot Thingy!

This is the BIG and HUGE snoopy Fixed with Lego or somesort of that things.

Front Look! Do u find wad the special thing to make me blog it out ady?? Actually can be seen ady. But not that obvious to Zoom out the SPECIAL thing about this Snoopy.

Nyah Nyah Nyah! U can see back the previous pics. Did u notice a sticker at the Stomache of this Snoopy? Hahaha.
Do u noe how much this Snoopy cost?
Rm 289.90 !!!!
If it a kind of High-Quality Furly Snoopy costing Rm150 i can still aceept it but this??
Sigh!! Guess no one will buy this home and feed it with a Cup of Blood everyday! hahahahahaha...

Some weird and cute or nice shots on the Gifts in that shop...

This cat is pretty cute.. But when i look close to it. I found something on the Tounge!

Yeah! Its the price tag. Why they have to stick at the toungue? No other place to be stick anymore??
Some Dirty minded ppl will say, The Cat is making business.
" Pay Me and i will give u a Lick!! "
This will absolutely come out from their Mnd. Haha

The latest trend for girls. Black and White pig. They are clever to create this. putting them in those cup making them look nice.

I just like this kind of decoration in a room. Look Rainbow rite? hahaha..

This a funny girl putting the finger in the mouth. Sigh! Never knew wad the purpose to make this as a gift! ANyone will consider buying this as a gift for a fren's Birthday??
For me i won't but u? Dont know.. No comment!

My god. Look at the bride. i laughed non stop when look at this. She don't have to pay the rent for the Dress. She can just wear a BIKINI.. Hahaha.. Almost Bare ady!

Pig Marriage~! Oftenly heard ppl calling each other Pig. u r pig ar. Or u r piggy ar.
U know wad happen if one day u married with the one u keep on calling PIG?
Nah.. Let u imagine urself.. hahahaha..

Sponge Bob Family Reunion. Look so so cool ya.. hehe

The Children and the Babies sitting comfortably on Sofa Watching Not TV but mE.
They are looking at my cam.

Finall went to Pop Wave Karaoke! Sang this song, Li Bie De Che Zhan. It's my Idol! Vicky Zhao Wei. hahaha.. Love her so much! Can see but cannot touch! * Sob Sob *

p/s: i Craps alot nowadays rite? Hahaha.. Well, Crapping makes u Enjoy too.. believe it! Simply a Rubbish joke can make u laugh whole day! Hahaha.. have a Rubbish Day! :P~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surprised ?? Or not to... ??

P/s: Sorry 1st coz didnt snap any pics coz that time its 2pm sth ady. Im damn hungry so do everyone.. hehe..

I went to Secret Recipe to celebrate my coursemate birthday. All together plus the birthday girl is 8 persons. Well, since i went there few times ady, so they asked me to order those cakes and so on. So when i get the Menu, i keep on pointing and read it out in order to let the waitress there to jot down. I didnt count how many i'd ordered but just point point and point. Oh my god. When all order came, it's 7 types of cakes and some Add-On..

Well, the most shockign part is actually when we asked for the receipt and when i look at the amount, my mouth turn wide open.. Asking myself.. " Wad THE??!!.. We eat Abalone meh??!!" Hahaha

Here's the receipt.. Listing those thing we ordered....

The Cakes and Add-Ons...

Guess how much all that cost?? No need take calculator ya. hahaha Lets have a look down there...


SUBTOTAL -->> RM 232.88!
And the GST + Service Charge is ady Rm 30 ++. Damnj it.
I just dont like places with these kind of charge! They are not only stand by our table to serve us like our maid, yes??!!

In a nutshell of simply order order and pointing all the way, this is wad we have to pay for it. hahaha.. Since then, my wallet Cried to Bleed ady.. Huhuhuhu... T.T~

How Secret Recipe DESCRIBE themselves???
" Great Cakes... Good Food... Simply The Place To Be.." Not finish yet! u forgot to add in,
" Great and Good Blood Sucker too"

Heard that Starbucks will open an outlet in The Spring. Hopefully it will success or else i will have to starve for few months to get one cup of Azuki @ Starbucks.. Hehe..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Starbucks + Latest Movies...

I ordered Azuki and the counter girl ask me:

“ Sir, do u want to take away?”.

I replied: “ No, having here pls. “

SHE: “But sorry Sir, we are closing in 3 minutes time!”

Sigh! Wanna close stil ask me so much! Tell me str8 and save all the unused saliva!! -.-“”

My Azuki. Cost me Rm17.80. Almost Rm18. Well the taste is great. Rating: 8/10

Kuching Festival

As all Kuching-ians knew. Kch fest is on the spot every year in end of July till Mid of Aug. Here, kch fest come again. I went 3 times till now. I dont get the chance to snap shots on those food there coz i just got my digicam back. Well, i snap this funny thing with my hp. I dont know if u guys found it funny but i do! Hahaha.. Lets take a look!!

Kuching Fried Mushroom? I'd heard this once in my life. So funny!! @-@""

Star Cineplex

I went watch movie with my coursemates. We suggest wanna watch Nightmare Detective coz the shots attracts us very much. The movie length is around 2 hours time.

Rating: 4.5/10
It's kinda boring describing a guy who can go into a person's dream which he is the nightmare detective. And another guy, who is the Nightmare Killer who can also go into others' dream to kill u. Its kinda confusing and the ending is not very clear. We predict it by our own view. Hey! Director~ Should u stand out and tell us about the ending?? Hahahahaa
Anyway, girls were shouting all the way round while us guys, stare at them with SIGH!! Hahahaha..

Next, The Simsons.
Well, Cynthia told me this movie is very funny but meaningless. Its very "FEI4". So I told the same thing t my coursmate too when we were deciding which movie to watch that time. Thanks Cynthia for the information!

Well, saw this poster at the cinema. Will be release in 16th Aug. Since im a fans of Richie Ren, I surely will go and watch this movie when it released. Movie that he acted used to be very humurous, funny and u wont felt boring watching it times more than ur finger on ur hand. Hahahaha..
All this is not the latest movie like Harry Porter and so on buti just share wad i'd watched.

Did i look fairer affter 2 weeks plus back from the Sail Ship Training? hahahaa.. u can go back to my previos post of the Sail Ship Training and compare! I'm fairer ady!! yeah!! :P~
P/S: Hopefully i will snap some of the foods at the Kch Fest and post it up here! Thanks for reading! :P

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sail Ship Training, STS Puteri Mahsuri

Last month, I’d been told that I’m chosen to participate in the Sail Ship Training in Lumut, Perak for 13days. We will be at Perak from 12 July to 24 July. Actually we will go on the ship on 15 July. The first 3days at Pulau Pangkor was for us to undergo a physical training in order to prepare us to go on ship for the rest of 10 days.

Let's have a look at those photoes taken by me..

On the very 1st day when i just reach Jetty Pulau Pangkor...

This is the place where i stayed for 3 days in Pulau Pangkor...

Some nice views of the Pulau Pangkor...

The last night at Pulau Pangkor. Group photo with all my group member...

We won two hampers.. Hehehez...

On the 15 July, we are sent by Institute Perguruan Temengong Ibrahim’s bus to the Navy Camp located at Lumut. After we reach the Jetty inside the Navy Camp, we went into the ship called Puteri Mahsuri. Well, the ship was made in Japan and Malaysia bought the Ship and own it in the year 1998. The ship is specialize for Navy Training and its huge enough. I can say it’s the first huge ship I’d see by my own eyes.

The front view of STS Puteri Mahsuri...

Side view of STS P.M...

We stay in the room called Cabin. There are 4person's cabin and two person's. I'm lucky enough to get the 2 person's one. This is the main door of my cabin...

When my cabin's door was opened, it's like this...

Double layer bed. I sleep the above bed. Exercise to crawl up. Hehehez...

In the Cabin, there's one washroom...

When the washroom's door opened, Washing sinki and also a bath tub..

The corridor along the Cabin...

The way to Saloon. We are well-known that saloon are the places for us to trim or do our hair, but in the ship, Saloon is the place for us to take meals, meeting, discussion and so on..

View of the saloon when dinner were prepared on the table ady...

Me with those Yummy Yummy meals... Well, everday there are 3 people incharge to help in the Galley(kitchen we used to call) to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Well, when i back from the Training, many ppl cant recognise me and told me that they just cant believe i'd turn this dark. Hahaha.. Let u see and decide urself now...

Before.. This the first day when i just go into the Boat ready to go Pulau Pangkor...


After...... Few days on Ship ady...

Any big different? Well, i want my fair skin back.. Huhuhuh!! T-T""||

Nice and beautiful sunset taken on the ship....

The ONLY five chinese during the programe.. :)~

We got this a chance to round Langkawi for about 7 to 8 hours. So we visited to few places there. One of it as shown in the pics is Makam Mahsuri...

The perigi mahsuri. Heard that the water in the perigi can used to be make Medicine purposes...

At the jetty Lumut, Perak. We gonna leave each other at this moment.. Sad sad...

KL Sentral. Bye bye my friends.... :~(

The only US that from Sabah & Sarawak. Last dinner together at KLIA's KFC. We gonna separate after this too...

I still remember there’s once this chance to see dolphins while I’m pulling the sail. Suddenly I heard people screaming: “Hey! Dolphins! A lot of dolphins at the sea!”
I ran to the side of the ship and yelled to myself: “ Wow! So many dolphins.” It’s my first time to see dolphins by my own eyes and not in the documentaries programme on the TV. I’m very happy and excited by that time and I left my Digicam in my cabin that time, thus, I can’t snap some photo for my memory and to show to my friends.

I miss the ship very much now. Hope can get back but its impossible. 5 years? 10 years? Nope, wont have the chance to go on the ship again! So, we should appreciate wad we had when we are having it man!

For more photoes pls visit my frenster at ... Thanks for reading and drop by!! :)