Monday, April 28, 2008

Roti Canai...

Hey.. It's Indian Food time. Seldom got chance to taste on indian food. While when i pay my every visit to Penang, for sure i'll go indian shop and eat. Indian food at penisular just that nice. I mean nicer than Sarawak one la..


Roti Telur and the kuah. Rm1.50 only..

Teh Tarik is best fit with Roti Canai... Rm1.50 also..
Herm.. I Want More!! Hehe..
Anyone hungry now? =P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fast Food at Expert Food Court @ Jln Song

Like the previous post on this Fast Food @ Expert Food Court, I really like the food there. Very nice and attracting. Don't it attracts u too? Hehe..

They are OFF on every Tuesday. So dont go Expert look for fast food every Tuesday!
Other day, they are open. If u wanna take lunch, those food will be ready around 11.15am. Its advisable that u reach before 12 coz the food might finish and left not much choices.
If u wanna take dinner, its the same. The food will be ready around 5.15pm. U better reach before 6pm too. Around that time la. If haven reach, then u wait awhile lo. Dont bomb me ar. Hehe..

I always take the same dishes like this.. Butter Chicken + Mani Fried Egg + Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet...
Rating: 8.5/10

This my fren's plate of rice.
Ms Hii Mei Ling's.
Rating: 7/10.

Mr Ha's plate of rice.

For those who likes to eat chicken meat and also fish fillet, u will sure to like the food im taking. And also the Fried Mani with Egg is highly recommended. Must try!

Thian Soon Restaurant @ BDC

Went to Thian Soon for my dinner with my family. Actually we wanna go Hai Ba Wang near Padungan there but when we reach there, it's full already. We didnt do any booking. Well, Hai Ba Wang really nice lor.. The food nice, got aircon, the price still affordable.

We went Thian Soon because the restaurant just near my house and im very hungry to think of place already..

BDC Thian Soon Restaurant.
They got another branch at 3rd mile there, Tian Chu Restaurant.
And i heard The Banquet@4 and a half miles, the tauke do have shares too..

So without wasting much time, i ordered and the service really slow and sucks!
Last time it used to be full every night but now, when i step in, i can see 6 or 7 tables are full only..

My cup of chinese tea..

Plain Rice.. Look delicious la.. Can eat even without any dishes..
Hahha.. Crazy!

My plate of fried rice. i dont know why i like to eat fried rice very much. I will go and try the Fried Rice when im in different cafes or restaurant.
Rating: 7/10.
Not bad lor. but not as delicious as the one i ate before.

This is 杂菜.
Rating: 7/10

Sweet and Sour fish fillet.
Rating: 8/10.
This one not bad la.. hehe..

Rating: 7.3/10.
Not bad.. the meat is soft enough. But i heard normally 鹿肉 supposedly to be hard, if its soft, they might had applied SODA POWDER on it?? -.-""!!

My mum wanna eat Shark Fin soup. So we ordered. Normally we only eat it at Lok Thian Restaurant. Since we are here, so we ordered.
Rm15 per bowl. Its such a small bowl.
Rating: 5/10.
Not nice at all.. Cant feel the shark fin.

Can u see the Shark Fin? Sigh. Eggs only..
Cheap things. Not worth Rm15 per Bowl!
If Rm15 per BOWL which worth it, i still can accept but this? No nO NO!!!
Wont dare to try Shark FIn soup at other place ady..
Got chance will take the Lok Thian's Shark Fin soup to compare..

Friday, April 25, 2008

Winner Court @ 4 and a half mile...

Many thanks for my frens for willing to change the new Rm50 's notes with me. haha.. Now i got this limited edition Rm50. i wont use it for sure..

It's just simple look nicer than the previous one but it looks like the money in the
Millionaire games.

Yesterday, feel very FAT suddenly. So plan to go play badminton. We booked 3 to 5pm at winner court. Among all the sports, i like badminton and swimming very much. but then, when i really lazy to go out sports, i might go Frenship Park for a jog coz its just very near to my house.

4 of us. We played Double..

Badminton just very nice lor. i dont know why.
U need to run and of coz, u need some skills too..

And, more proffesional, u need to master the Smashing skills and how to CHEAT.. =P

Winner court got 2 phases overall. One phase consist of 6 courts.
I'll go play badminton at least once a week. The most i ever tried is 3 times in a week time.

The charges:
Before 6 pm, one hour is charged Rm8.
After 6pm, one hour charged Rm10.
For booking, kindly call 082-462275

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sushi King Rm2 Bonanza

Sushi King Rm2 Bonanza in East Malaysia are on 21st April 2008 till 24th April 2008.
I dont get the chance to go for the first two days because i need to prepare for my exam and i just went today.
Kuching currently got two fever which are Donuts Fever and also Sushi Fever. But Sushi Fever will fade off when the Bonanza ends.. =P

I went to the Boulevard's branch because i simply don't like The Spring branch one. The service there so slow. Las time, i ever order few plates of sushi and i waited 1 hour haven come yet. And i keep on complaining to the waiter/waitress but they keep passing on to one another. Make me damn frust! I also done alot of self service there. Go and change the full-filled Sauce and get the sauce plate myself. Some table even dont have sauce plate! Everytime when my green tea was finish, i wave my hand and no body see me. I really hope i can walk there to get the pot myself and do the refill job myself. but that time, im wearing formal. Better dun la.. I know wad is PAI SEI. haha..

I reached there around 12pm. Not many people yet. But after we sit down for 10 to 15 minutes, the whole shop is full. And some of them start queuing outside ady..

When i sit down, i quickly take all the sushi from the Kaiten Belt. Im damn hungry that time and i remember it is only 45 minutes lunch. I told my fren, let's start the war! Haha..

We ate around 42 plates... And these are those Sushi s that i like the most.. Eh, cheap eh. The Ebi ten normally need rm6 one wor. now rm2 only..

Kaiten Belt. Turn ar turn....

When i go and pay my bill that time, the whole shop if FULL ady.. No free seats..

Present ur card before u go into the shop and the waitress will bring u to the table. After that, u can start FIGHTING! Hehe..

Overall, we ate around Rm83 for 5 person. Quite okay la. But i still like the Buy One Free One promotion more. coz this Rm2 bonanza, some plates are at the normal price. But now no more buy1 free 1. Nvm. Although I love sushi very much, but now, im scared of it ady.. Eat lai Eat ki also like that onely.

I told my frens, since Sushi King opened at Kuching, i didnt visit to Westwood anymore. I miss my Fish And Chips now!! Hahaha..

Fish and chips in Westwood
Best of all i'd ever tried out in Kuching and West Malaysia!
I miss you!! @-@""!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I just realised i left not much time ady...
I think, erm.... 14 hours from now.....
I will be.....
Sitting in the examination hall.... Hahaha..
2moro noon I will be having my Hubungan Etnik's Paper.
Tell myself must Gambate lor..
Now, most Uni is having exam...
Gambate for those who are currently hardworking-ly studying for their finals...

Jia you Jia You lor..
We Burn Mid Night Oil together! =P

Remember, There's owes chances, so, Dont give up untill the very last second!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Station 1

Well, went to 4 and a Half mile to have my lunch..

After go in several coffee shops there just behind The Banquet, I really have no idea to eat what coz the choices there only Chicken Rice, Kolok Mee and so on..

Finally, as me and my coursemate are walking, we saw this cafe, Station 1, Just beside the Banana Split if u noe where it is.. Can smell the smell when we are two or three shops to Station 1. So we might give it a try.

The Advertisement Outside the shop...

The Menu.. Quite lots of things to choose.

My 奶油鸡饭 set lunch. Rm6.50
Not nice lo.. Sigh.. And the meat can count one. Got, One , Two , Three ONLY! Sigh! The price is killing me!!
Rating: 3.5/10
Honest speaking, 1st time try such lousy 奶油鸡饭.
I might go Expert Food Court take the 奶油鸡, quite alot, only Rm4.50 + Rice & other Vege gok...

After 2 minutes......
My Set Meal become like this. U can see how little it was and it just fill my stomache LITTLE space nia. hehe

This is Sweet & Sour Rice.
Rating: 3.5/10.
According to my fren, she said she cant even feel the FIsh, only can bite all the flour! -.-"""

This is 砂锅面. My fren said the mee is not Properly cooked and the soup is too Sweet. Put too many AjinaMoto.
Ajinamoto drop price ar??! Hahaha..
Rating: 4/10.

And finally, 耗油鸡饭.
Rm 6.50 too.
Rating: 4/10
My fren said not nice too. All the thing we tasted is NOT NICE.

Thus, We said, NO 2nd time visit again!! -.-"!

After having our lunch, we booked Pop Wave Karaoke and wanna try on the Pop Wave 2. See if the environment is better than the Pitanak one.

Pop Wave 2

The environment is almost the same lor. but the sofa is Softer. Coz its still new ma.
We are taking the Student price package, thus, Rm14 per person ( including one drink ) after we showed our student card and sing from 2pm till 6pm.

This branch one many rooms lor. More than pitanak one. But, some rooms are so damn small. Sigh.. And, the volume of the mic and music is FIXED. We cannot adjust manually in the room. And we found out one thing, that is, Every room got 2 mic. One is good one and one is lousy one. The sensitivity kinda low. Make one of us the voice damn small. I dont know if this happen to other room. U can go and have a try and tell me.. =P
Well, Im was in ROom B yesterday..

In case u don't know what is Pop Wave and how it was look like.. U can visit on my previous entry on Pop Wave... -->> Pop Wave karaoke

Saturday, April 12, 2008



I kinda quite like to go 玉壶轩 to eat actually. The food are nice, delicious, and the price is quite okay. And, it got no TAX for any food at all..

It has lots of choice for u to choose too..

If not mistaken this is 鸡扒饭

Everyone was given one soup.. In a cup.
When they brng this to the table, i will laugh and say, Teeth Brushing time.. Hahaha..

The Sweet and Sour Timun? Dont kinda like it lo..
I like the one with Chicken Rice out there one..

Seems nice lor. Nex time go must try eat. Hehe

This is my Dumplings. The sause..

Deng Deng! My Huge Dumplings.. Not very nice. Coz i owes like fried food more.. haha

not bad lor.. Quite nice taste..

Overall, the food here are nice and quite worth with the price paid. So pay ur visit to the nearest branch. One is at somewhere near the Mas Office and another is opposite The 100% discounts store near Saberkas.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market.. @ Boulevard, Kuching

Had my dinner tonight at The Manhattan Fish Market. This my 2nd time savouring Dinner @ Kuching Branches...

The Manhattan Fish Market

The Environment is not bad designed..

The Piece of wood Specially Designed for u to put the plate on it..

Get this broucher when i enter the main door...

The sauce for us to dip with our Fish And Chips..

The Soup Of The Day.. Not nice one.. Rm6.90
Rating: 5/10

The Garlic Butter Mussels..
Rating: 8/10

The Fish and Chips. Rm14.90
Rating: 8.5/10

Like Sushi King, buy one free one promotion, Manhattan also got this buy one free one promotion but not all dishes, JUST available for Fish And Chips.
To get it, kindly type 'my111 manhattanfishmarket' send to 33365.
Show the message in ur hp to the waiter/waitress when u 1st order ur food.
Then u can enjoy ur meal there ady..

2 person, Rm39.85..

After i pay my bill, i had been given this sticker and the waitress told me that, bring this when u pay another visit the next time and u'll get a 10% discount on ur bill..