Sunday, October 21, 2007

You'll be Afraid of Chocolates after this~!!!!

So while i was studying, my mouth felt itchy as usual and i have to dig something out to eat. Well, i remembered i stil got chocs in my travelling bag. I bought Chocs worth more than Rm200 last time when i pay a visit to Langkawi in July during my Tunas Samudera Training .

Well, i saw this two bars of Alcohol Chocolate and i felt so eager to try it. So, i pick one and wan to eat...

This is the Chocolate from Switzerland.

Open open and open... Just then, sudd i saw this at the back of the choc. It WAS EXPIRED!!!!!

I bought it at the end of July that is 27 or 28 of July. And it expired on Aug. Wad D Hell is this. And they didnt show out the expiry date when they display at the shop. This two bars of chocolate was actually SOLOTAPED back to back which disable u to indentify the expiry date.


When i open in, i found this! I'm still thinking is this the cocoa powder or wad. Then i try to smell it. It got a kind of strange Odours. And i touche those powdery thing with my hand. Shit! Its some kind of parasits.!!!!

All the powdery things around those chocs. I felt like vormitting.!!

More and more shots!!

Nah. MCB! EXPIRED chocs! POWDERY thingy u F*ck!!

After that, i throw that particular bar of chocs into the Rubbish Bin.. I quickly go to take another one of the TWINS which had been SALOTAPED together. This one is to be predicted as almost the same. Should have the powdery thing or wad stupid kinda of parasits.

2nd chocs. This from Switzerland too..

Its EXPIRED on AUG 2007 too! Damn!

This one is more disgusting! It grows FUNGUS! Yucks!

Those fungus just STARTED to grow!

Clear enough? Sigh!

P/s: I admit im careless when buying them that time at Langkawi. I didnt noticed the expiry date of all chocs with the hope that, they wont sell of EXPIRED chocs or ALMOST EXPIRED chocs. But u noe, in this world, there are just people who care MONEY more than everything.. Pls.. Look at the EXPIRY DATE of everything that u wanna buy. Dont trust on others any more! Trust urself, trust ur own eyes!!!

~ ~ Dissapointed BaLeNiOn.... ~ ~

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friendship Park and Selamat Hari Raya!

Sorry for late update. Recently too busy with works, lifes and YamChaING. Hahaha..

Well, i took some shot at Friendship park to share with u all here. Nice view. When i went there, its around 6.30pm. Its evening and SunSet time..

I really like the view of the sky, the cloud and every everything there. Except the POOL/POND i should call..

The view of SunSet Orangish Sky.. Wao.. And did u notice the Rainbow? Hahaha..
Really nice nice nice!!

Another shot of Sunset @ Friendship Park..

Orangish Sky! Like a coconut tree there right?
Hahaa.. This is frenship park.. not beach ok? :P

Me with the nice scene.. :)

And, a month ago, there's this news on newspaper that all fish at the pool of the frenship park dead. And after that, they pumped out all the water out from the pool and it became this dry.

The Dry little pity pool.
Usually u will see many fishes swimming here and there and walk pass-by people will feed the fish here with roti and so on..

But after two weeks, the pool is filled with water again. And it looks Blue. So nice.. Hehe..

The Nice Pool filled with water again. But, yet still no fish inside it..

Lok LOk...

Did someone miss the food here?? Hahahaha.. Got one night, i suddenly felt hungry, so i chose to go here for my supper. Damn, one ppl simply take also need Rm13++.. Sigh. The Value of Money is very small now.

Those food i took...... -->

Selamat Hari Raya....
When we visit to malay's house, we will greet them with Selamat Hari Raya..
Well, i visited my fren, lecturers, my parents colleagues, my neighbour from Raya 1st day till Raya 4th day. Wow.. I ate alot and guess i gain lots of weight. But, i did went for badminton continuosly too. Did it help to keep fit? Hahaha. I dont know. Dont ask me.. :P

Some Raya Cookies. I like the one with cornflakes.. Nyummy! :P

The food that my lecturers cook for us. Very nice.. Hehe. That one in the middle is ketupat. Not pulut and not leman..

Nah.. See clearly!! :P

This is the ketupat. Made by my lecturer..

Some cakes..

Cookies again..

I didnt update for so long coz Raya then continuously i went out for whole day and whole day til when i back home, i felt so hectic ady.. Haahha.. Okay.. Thats all. :P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

KFC - It's Finga Licki'n Good~ and King Centre Da Light ..

I heard my senior said that the KFC discount card is once again here in the town for KFC's fans to apply. The previous year, we have to fill the form in any KFC outlet and pay RM3 for the membership card. Now, this year, we have to eat any X-meal to get the Membership Card for free..

Well, i purposely went to get this card, so i have to order this X-Meal though i owes ordered Dinner Plate for my meal.

Nah. I ordered this X-Meal for Rm8.90 one because i want the burger to be Chicken one and not fish fillet de.

Order this....
and u'll get......

1 Free Membership Card
U can have 25% discount on the Snack plate or Dinner plate or Rice plate at 2pm to 6pm every TUESDAY only! Bare in Mind that. :)

The card, front part...

Back part...

Extra CHEESE Cheesy Wedges. My beloved!!

My chicken Burger! It's larger than my frens.. They's are so tiny! OMG!

This my coursemate. Smaller abit..

My another coursemate de.. Smallest among all. I take it too close. So cant see its TINY!

Introducing Da Light Delight!

When u r going in thru the main door. The stall is on the left who cook this. Its nice, and worth it of coz..

My Thai Sweet and Sour Chicken. Rm4. Rating: 7/10

Salad Char Kueh! Rm3.
Rating: 7.5/10. Hard to find nice one in kch..