Friday, December 19, 2008

Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

I always wanted to go Kim Gary whenever I'm in KL. The reason i fancy Kim Gary so much because they offer the best Cheesed Baked Rice in town. Wah! I can't control myself from stepping in Kim Gary Restaurant. =P

Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant.

The 代言人,黄宗泽. For those who watch HK drama, I'm sure u noe who he is.
Oh ya. Heard that he will be coming to Sunway Pyramid's Kim Gary outlet. But im not sure when. Pls check it out if u dun wanna miss the chance to meet him.

The Promotional Items. Worth it lo.
If u wanna ask me nice or not.
Tell you, I don't know coz I ONLY order Cheese Baked Rice everytime i visit K.G.

The Main Page of the Menu book

The Seafood Cheese Baked Rice.


The cheese baked rice page in the Menu book. =P

Member CArd application for Rm15 only.

U can choose from orange or blAck colour for the member card.
I chosed orange and they will give u lots of coupon throughout the year and u are entitiled for 1 free item every month when u pay ur visit to K.G.

My Plate of Prawn Seafood Cheese Baked Rice
Rating: 8.7 / 10
Double cheese one.
Very nice! Strongly Recommended.
Another recommended dish is Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop / Pork Chop.

My cousin's plate of Seafood Cheese Baked Rice.
Not as nice as mine coz mine is Double cheese and she chosed New Zealand Special Cheese which happen to be not as creamy as mine.

ANy purchase of those rice, with an additional Rm3, u are entitlle for :

1 Drink
1 Soup
and also,
1 Dessert.

My cup of Horlick Peng! Ho hO Ho!!

My creamy soup! Still, Pizza Hut's Mushroom soup nicer..

The dessert.
Pearl with some pudding? or wad.. duno..

As i mentioned earlier, with the member card and the coupon, u can redeem 1 free gift every month throughout the year.
So, the free gift for November 2008 is....

Crispy fried Boneless Chicken.
Nice nice! Hehe..

Balenion with the DOuble Cheese Prawn Seafood Cheese Baked Rice..

U see the DOUBLE CHEESE? Hahahaha..
Cheesy String S ssSSSssss.....

My cousin, Caroline with her Seafood Cheese Baked Rice..

I'm learning to promote some food... =P

For almost one month at KL, I went Kim GAry 3 times ady.
It's really nice and worth it lo. For those cheese lover, step into Kim Gary now..
Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

SS2 Murni Restaurant..

Heard of this cafe so long ady. And finally I've the chance to try there twice. Hehehe.. Happy. Thanks to my sis and also Yun Kah. =)

Now, time to intro nice food in KL. Of coz, counting as affordable price.
Not very pricey too. Student sure afford to eat there one.

1st of all,
Roti Cheese Naan..

Next, Roti Salad.
I didn't see this kind of roti in Kuching yet. If got, pls show me..

Akhem! The layer of Salad! Yummy! Look nice right.. hehe

Next, Chicken Chop Special..
Rm10. Quite big portion.

Nasi Goreng Marryland.
Rm10. Big portion.
Nicer than the Chicken Chop Special lo.
Both same price. Which one u'll prefer then? Hahaha..

Another view of it..

The Keropok..

The fried Golden Crispy Chicken..

"Ho Bao Dan"

The Nasi Goreng..
I think the style is more to Ala Kampung.. Hahaha..

The WaterMelon Special.
Rm5 if not mistaken..
Damn big cup de. Can 2 or 3 person share de actually.

And lastly, Carrot Juice Special.
Rm5 too if not mistaken.
Nothing special lo.. Carrot juice like usual and add in only longan and also jeli those.

Thats all, Stay Tune for Next! Cheese Baked Rice! Wahahaha..
I'll try to blog when i'm free and FREE from TIREDNESS.. =P