Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry guys...

Sorry guys. In the earlier post, I promised to be back soon. But actually i'm using celcom broadband to online here. The speed is so slow and is not stable. I met difficulties uploading photos and all that. SOmetimes, I cant even connect to MSN and also facebook. I will update something once I can do it..

Sincere apology from me.. Sorry~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will Be Back Soon... =)

Balenion.Blogpot.Com will be active once more.... Soon...
Deng deng deng deng~ =P

Monday, January 26, 2009


Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sate Kajang, Setapak's Branch

This Setapak's Branch Sate Kajang just at the shop lots behind the condo I'm staying when I'm in KL.
Went to this place several times ady la. More than 8 times ady. But then, never take pics of it. Coz everytime didnt happen to bring cam along or forgot to take pics lo.

The Zhao Pai..

The Menu and also the price list.
Basically, the cheapest satay will be Rm0.60.
But it's really nice compare to the one in Kuching that i'd tried la.

The shop there, everyday full house one. U gotta que up for ur seat sometimes.

I love Kambing and Chicken satay the most!
Hehehe. My Favourite!

U'll be given this two bowl of sambal and also satay kuah each and every visit.

Satay Kuah.
I think this is one of the factor why their satay kajang are famous lo.
The kuah very smooth, the kacang not too big or hard to swallow that kind la.

For those who can stand spicyness.. =)

And the plate of Ketupat? and Cucumber slice to dip into the satay Kuah! =)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Delicious Chicken Chop Rice @ Prima Setapak, Wangsa Maju

Knew this chicken chop stall co-incidentally, like two years ago? 4got ady.

It's located near the Wangsa Maju's Lrt Station. Once u get down from the LRT, on the left side, there're two shoplots and its of the right of the shop lots. U can see the Zhao Pai one la. Coz the Wording are quite big actually.

But, it's my pleasure to know this stall because they offer nice chicken chop at a reasonable price. Or shud i use the word Cheap here.

Mang Chuan Coffee Shop

The Chicken Chop Rice Stalls.

See how special the banner.
Coz they praised themselves.

After u order, they will give u this label lor.
L stand for Lemon Chicken Rice.
5 Stand for Mongolia Chicken Rice.
And there're mores label for different kinds of sauce.
They offer:
Mongolia, Lemon, Black Pepper, Black Salad, Salad and any Sweet and Sour? 4got.

This is the lemon Chicken Rice.
Rm 4.30.
Rating: 8/10
Nice nice. I went there at least once in a week lor..

It's combination of rice, chicken chop, the sauce that u ordered, and also wedges!!!
It's only RM4.30
Mind you, you cant get this much of thing for Rm4.30 in Kuching lor.
Rm4.30 in Kuching is,
One plate of plain rice, one plate of chicken (less meat), no wedges, no sauce.
And, may be u will meet this kind of situation also where u not enough meat to eat with ur rice.
When u still have lots of rice, u will say:"eh? no meat ady ar?'

Mongolia Chicken Chop Rice.
Rm4.30 for all kinds la.
Rating: 8.2 /10

And u can order side order for wedges summore.
Rm3 de, 3 people can share and can eat til very full that type.

Too bad, they didnt offer French Fries. Hahahal.. Or else, i will go 3 times in a week. =P

Monday, January 05, 2009

Food @ Jalan Alor , 为食街 @ Bukit Bintang

Those who are staying in KL, sure u'd heard bout this Jalan Alor.
The Jalan that full of all kinds of food.

Just some of the shop that can fit into my cam.
Actually, the whole street is shops selling food one la.
U choose wad u wanna eat there.. =)

I ordered 5 Mixed.
And there it goes, Nuts, Red Beans, Corn, Cincau and also BERUDU. Hahaha..
Not nice lor. I still think that Kuching's Song Kheng Hai's ABC can beat it.

Sausage Fried Rice. Rm5
This one nice! They fried the rice when enough heat and make it smells good.
Herm. Dunno how to describe but u sure will know wad i meant if u like to eat food everywhere.. =P

Thursday, January 01, 2009

100 Celcius Steamboat @ 牛车水 K.L

Went to this 100 Celcius Steamboat just because I heard people said they offer Cheesy Steamboat.

U can go Niu Che Shui to find this steamboat. It just located sumwhere in the street.

Big Words.. 100 Celcius..

The words in chinese..

And the Banner.
This steamboat is quite special because they offer more than 11 kinds of soup base for u to choose lo..

Menu book also look artistic..

The Soup Base Page. Quite alot la.
Erm. Like, Tom Yam, Herb SOup, Thai Style Sour & Spicy Soup, Bakuteh Soup, Vegetarian Soup, Ma La Soup and etc la..
P/S: Click to enlarge the pics to see more clear..

The Snacks Page. Actually, they didnt offer Cheese As the soup base which quite dissapoint me. But nvm, in th snack page, they have cheesy steamboat.
Will be shown later below.

Besides, they offer quite lots of special special types of drinks lo..
Lots of variety for u to choose.
From ur horoscope to romantic one and ..... See urself.. Hahaha

Now, the steamboat heater. This is quite special. I never try any of these kind in Sarawak before lor..

Which allow u to adjust the temperature.

I adjsut 200 Celcius. Coz im hungry! Faster Boil My soup!

I chose Herb Soup as the soup base.

Eiw.. Boiling ady!! Yippy!

Add in ur food and cook it.. HAhaha..

The Chicken Set from the Menu.

The other two sets from the Menu.
Oh ya. It's not the buffet style.
U have to order from the menu and they charge by counting by Which set and how many set.

But hor, the SAUCEs are buffet style lo. Hahahha..
Damn lotsa sauce let u choose one. See til u hin..

Closer look...
I know, abit too bright la.. =)

I chose TarTar Sauce and also Frien Ginger sweet sauce.
But this tartar sause tasted totally different with the one at Westwood Kuching. Hahaha. Not nice!!
Ginger Sweet Sauce damn nice de.. must try this when u go ya.

This one just normal Salad Mayonaise lo.

This one very special one. A bit sweet but with Wasabi inside. Hahaha

Cheesy France Snail
I prefer cheesy chicken, pork or prawn better. =)

Ladies and Gentlement,
the main PURPOSE dishes of the night goes to......


This is the cheesy sauce for us to dip into..

And this is the pot.
It has a fire underneath it burning to keep the cheesy sauce warm.

And this is the food for u to dip into the cheesy sauce lor.
Just normal. French Fries, Meats balls and all that..

And oh ya. For those who are interested.
I got this for u. The phone number and website!
Enjoy ur dinner and also....
Have fun!