Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market @ The Spring

I went to Manhattan Fish Market today to celebrate my coursemate's birthday! I suggested there because i tried once at the Penang branch at Queensbay Mall. The Fish and Chips there really nice!! hehe..

Alaskan Pollock & Chips

Garlic Butter Mussels..
Promotional Price at Rm 6.95,
actual price is Rm13.90 or Rm14.90.
Promotion will end this month.
Rating: 7.5/10

Manhattan Fish and Chips
Rating: 7.5/10

Grilled Catch Of The Day.

This is the funniest part of the day! When the waiter bring this dish out, i laugh so loud that everyone looking at me!
The whole fish??!!
I asked my fren, when they looked at the dish, they also laugh without answering my question! Please!!
The whole fish??!!

And yes, the whole fish! can u see it? its in chocolate colour after been deep fried!
Garlic Butter Whole Barramundi

Model With The Fish!! :P
U see??!!
The whole fish!! Hahaha...

Yummy Mussels! If it is Cheese Mussels will be better!! :P

Time to pay bill and leave the shop!
Well, LISTING.........................................

Wow~ So long... How much ar?? Everybody will be asking! ahhahaa..

All Total Up: Rm632.27!! Its freaking shocking!!
All the 15% Government and service TAXEs charges us RM82.50..
Wad D Hell!!
One year go two time still can la

Monday, January 14, 2008

KFC, Extra Tripple XXXL Burger. + S C R...

Well, i saw alot of advertisement on KFC's XXXL burger and i decided to try it out on the 1st day it was advertised in newspaper. Hahaha. I still remember there's this one time KFC offers Double XL burger and i used to HUNT for it Every two weeks. And now, i saw this advertisement, my saliva began to drip ady. Hahaha..

Taken at KFC's Restaurant.
Sarawak Plaza Branch in Kuching was to be the 1st Branch to open 24hours in Kuching!
I went there around 11 something and Snap This!!

I always predict it to be nice UNTILL i tried it!!

It's damn the shitty Small!! XXXL? Nah!!
And the taste? Tasteless one!
For those who never try yet, dont go and eat. Wasting ur money.
U simply order a Snack Plate and Dinner Plate to eat the meat and the Cheezy Wedges Better!! Believe me!

After that, long time didnt go SCR since i had been travelling for quite sometimes in the passed Holidays..

New Drink. 3 SOur Drink. Rm1.90 Excluding tax!
Taste still quite okay. Who ask me like to drink Lime ar. hahaha..

See the drink.
I ordered one without Ice because when u say 3Sour ICed,
THEY will put half cup of ice. I just dislike it!
May be those who like to LimTeh one ever discover the same thing like me.

My beloved Salad Chicken Rice.
Now the rice Shaped into a Pyramid shape and the meat is lesser than last time.
The Price also increased. Pls la. Now all thing increase in price ok? And not the quantity!! Hahaha..



Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!!

This post should be updated on Christmas Day but Im TOO BUSY to update it up.

Well, On Christmas Night, we went to Banana Spring near Banquet to have dinner and after that, we went to Pop Wave to sing K.
Member of the Night, Balenion, Dennis, Anita, Chiew Yong and Ai Mey. While my coursemate, Pei Pei join us at Pop Wave after her work.

We ordered those food that was advertised in Newspaper and the food was NOT DELICIOUS.
Fish and Chip. I still prefer Westwood one. This one had no taste at all..

Deep Fried Crispy Chicken Chop. Tasteless as well..
Quite Dissapointed actually.

Fruit Salad. Someone told em the apple was not fresh. hahaha..

1st Jan 2008

Its a New Year!! Its 2008 ady now. Well, last night i bliv many people will go countdown! After my dinner with my family, we went to Sidewalk to meet them who had gathered earlier on.

Well, 31st December 2007 which is the last day of 2007 was Chloe, Chien Hong's Birthday. We celebrated it at SideWalk, Green Height as well..

Happy Birthday Chien Hong!! :P~

Chien Hong with the Blueberry Cheese Cake..

She needs to use her mouth and teeth to bite out the candle. ( Idea by Ms Anita )

While she is trying to do her JOB, Anita pushed her face down to the cake. See wad happen to her face. ( Another Anita's Victim!! ) Hahahaha!!

When Chloe felt very helpless, Eleanor shows out her hand to help!
See how kind Eleanor are. hahaha.. Eleanor, new year a good start!! ;P

My favourite cup of Vanilla Milk Shake! Rm7.80 Excluding Tax..

This is the Evil Anita who Pushed everone on their Birthday!
Pls be alert when this girl appear in ur birthday party!! Hahahaha..

When the time almost show 12am, the worker gave us all these stuff to blow and play at. So funny!! Having Great fun night yea! :P

Group Photo of us.
Front, Chien Hong, Anita, Eleanor, Ai Mey, Amelia
Back, Balenion, Ken, Jenny.