Saturday, November 29, 2008

Story time... Learn From Experience..

28 Novermber 2008

I'll remember this day sooo much! I lost my new phone, W910i which I just bought it beggining of this month! I haven use it for one month yet! Damn you thieft! I curse you!!

Actually, the incident happened when I was on my way back from Times Square to Taman Melati which requires me to transit at Kl Central. Using Monorail to KL Sentral, and then, Putra Lrt back to Taman Melati. When I'm ady in the LRT, it's after the Pasar Seni's station. I just answer a call, after that i put in my right pocket. Just after 3mins, an indian guy came and squeeze infront of me.

I thought its very normal coz everyone are squeezing here and there in LRT especially peak hour. But, i got a very strange feeling on that guy. Feeling very uncomfortable. After 3 to 4 mins, Masjid Jamek's station arrived. And, people go in and out as usual, the guy infront of me just now left. And at this time, I dunno why there's a force asking me to check my wallet and hp. I touched my left pocket, the wallet still there. I touched my right pocket, my hp gone. I search it in my bag, worrying I 4got where i put. But I cant find it. I ask my cousin to call my phone telling her that my hp lost.

She said:" dont kidding la. U just answer the call just now!".
I replied:"No kidding. I really cant find my hp elsewhere. Call my hp now. Im serious! "

It actually happened too sudden, within 3 mins. So, no one shall believe wad i said that moment.

She called my num, I cant hear my hp ringing in the LRT but it can go thru. No one answering the call. I knew it being stolen ady. After that, we go down at the next station that is Dang Wangi, then we make a report there. They called the security at Masjid Jamek station and said that they are looking for the guy according to my brief description of that indian guy.

An indian, got mustache, wearing t-shirt, carrying a side-way bag in dark colour, looking a bit chubby!

Okay! Okay! Our people at Masjid Jamek are searching for this guy ady. Can u proceed to Masjid Jamek to help the searching progress.. So, we went to Masjid Jamek Station. When we reach, the we are shocked when the secu said that they didnt get any calls or any report of the stolen hp case! Damn it! This is Malaysia? I lost a hp, I'm very worried ady and yet i get this kind of answer! I'm very angry that time and im totally dissapointed with Malaysia's Police System. Not efficient at al!!

I told them the whole case again and they just replied me, I DONT KNOW! I DIDNT GET ANY REPORT! Hey! Pls la. U get the salary! U are working! That is ur job! U tell me u DONT KNOW??!! U dont know wad u r doing, u dont know why u r standing here! And, u dont know wad gonna do when people report to you some cases! YOU GO FOR 10 MORE YEARS TRAINING LA! BAka!!

Then i said okay fine. Pass so long ady, now find also useless, that guy probably run all the way to the exit way and wont stand there wait for u to F*ck him! Can i see ur cctv. Every station got CCTV right?

Ya! We do have, but u cant see the records here, u can only see in our HQ in Subang. So, where's the location and how we can get there? DONT KNOW! AGAIN! Shitty!!

Then I knew in M'sia, when u lost something, u cant get the thing back 99.9%. 1% goes to the power stick of Cinderella if u r lucky enough!!

Thats how the incident happens. Actually, I just changed from W810i to W910i because when october's camping, the water goes in my hp. So i traded in and change a new W910i with Rm 1080. I really lost jor Rm1080!! Heartache!!

From that moment, I told myself not to buy a good and expensive HP anymore! Today, I get back my simcard, same number @ Digi Centre and bought a new hp, Sony Erricson T280 at Rm3oo+ only. It's too danger to bring a good and expensive phone along! I'm tired with it. I have no more money to lost again..

In August, I lost my hp @ Monorail, Nokia 6600.
In November, I lost my hp @ LRT, Sony Erricson, W910i.

TIRED! And dissapointed!! I really dry jor now. Glad that, I'm safe. Still can blogging here

So everyone! PLease be more careful when u r in the crowd of people. Try to avoid using hp in LRT. Coz, not only one case reported, but many cases! Be more alert when people try to go near you! Please! Be Alert!! =)

So, all my dear friends, i still need your help. Not to help me find back my hp but, msg me ur number because i lost all ur numbers! Msg and tell me who are you! Sorry if i ask who are you when u forward me msg or wad. I'm really sorry! And my num is 016-8945822. Thanks~!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Urgent! Pls Read this!

My new HP had been stolen today 5.45pm @ Putra LRT. I just bought my hp for not yet one month! Heartache! For today, don't sms or call me! I'll try to get my num back by tomorrow!
Now, I'm very down.. Will tell the story when I log in next time. Malaysia BOLEH??!! HahahHAHAHahahaha!!!

Dissapointed Balenion..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bombastic Cafe @ Kuching, Sarawak..

Went to Bombastic Cafe before I came KL. So, I'm not back Kch yet.
Bombastic is located somewhere near Padungan Area. The food there not bad la, with reasonable price.. =)

Let's see the Menu..

Menu of Bombastic!

Click to Zoom for the pics. Abit blur coz took with HP.

Cheese Baked Rice. Not nice lor.
Still, Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant @ Crown Square nice!!

Fish and Chips!
The fish and chips here not bad lor.. So,
Recommended beside Westwood and Terry Place.
But, westwood nowadays, the portion became smaller and smaller ady... Sigh..
Economy crisis!!

Garlice bread with sausage..

Chicken Nugget!

Crab stick and also Fish Fillet. Not bad one.. V. Nice!!

Will go Bombastic again when I'm back in Kch!! Hehehe

Now, currently I'm working part time in KL as a Communication Executive @ Ampang Park(the station next to KLCC). My job scope include calling clients, updating and comfirming their information, doing data entry, promoting our Membership Card and also telling the clients about our programme and benefits..

Working in KL is really different with working in Kuching.
Morning wake up 6sth, 7sth have to be prepared and go on taxi, then, squeeze with human in LRT. After that, 8 sth reach office and start work at 9am.
After work, 5.30pm, it's time to que up and squeeze with human again in LRT and then, taxi to go back home.

My salary. Sure this will be a question too. So basically, my salary is counted hourly which is Rm5 / hour.
I worked 9am til 5.30pm. Meaning that I worked 8 and a half hours in total but need to deduct 1 hour lunch break. So, it's 7 and a half hour. So, I earn Rm37.50.

But then, that's wont be a total Earn. When there's an earn, sure there will be a deduction too.
Lets see the rough expenses PER DAY.
Taxi to and fro, Rm5.50
Lrt to and fro, Rm5
Brunch ( Breakfast and Lunch), Rm10.
So, TOTAL expenses, Rm20.50 PER DAY.

Rm37.50-Rm20.50 = Rm 17.
I EARNED Rm17 PER DAY. But I earned 100% experience here. =P~

Nowadays when all things need money,
Rm17 go out 1 meal ady gone jor la.. Hahaha.. Wan go where? Mid Valley? Times Square? Sg Wang? Low Yatt? Pavillion. Hahaha..
I ASSURE u, Rm17 wont be enough for u one if u r GENG eater like me. Still have to tie ur stomach up.. =)

Yesterday, went Mid Valley because the new open ceremony for the Red Box @ The Garden. And they invited Nicholas Teo, FIsh Leong, Michael Wong and also Z-Chen as their guest! I like Nicholas Teo very much! His song are nice! Other than that, Fish Leong and Z-Chen not bad. But, I dont know why I dont like Micheal Wong very much! May be he is kinda proud for me? Hahaha.. No Offence!! =P

So, I knew lifes as an worker and lifes as a student ady. Both got the advantages and disadvantages. So, can I be both at the same time? Hahaha.. Don't be too greedy!
Concentrate on work 1st, then, study when sch reopen! Gambate!
For those who are still in holidays, enjoy ur hols!! =P

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toast + Durian

I love Cheese so much!!! ...
So, i ordered Cheesy Toast. With the cheese fillet on top of the toast, im very happy. But still, the taste is not very nice.
Coz, creamy cheesy will be the best! Hahaha.. Like, Cheesy Wedges in KFC? Hehe...

4 Cheesy Toast..

Some people who HATE Cheese will felt disgusting ya? Hahaha..

Close look at the CHEESE!!

Next, Durian Season is here and everyone had at least eaten one or two durian i think..
Here some of the Durian from my hometown, Sarikei..
Yellow meat! Damn niCe de!!

Herm.. Creamy.. If made ice cream, sure tasty! Heheh..

Close look!

This one not that creamy look but its nice though!

Anyone want Durian now? Go hunt it before the season end! Hahahaha..
All the best!

Yesterday went MidValley to meet my UKM senior.
After that, we are looking for place to have our lunch. But seriously shocking! We walked around for almost 1 hour plus just to look for places to take lunch because we dont know where to eat.
We went Nandos but I dun seems like interested to their set meal.
Next McD, KFC, Pizza Hut? These all we can eat at the other time other place else.
So, i suggested to Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant because i knew the Cheese Baked Rice there is damn nice de. So, we need to check out where its located. After reaching the restaurant, we saw lots of people queing up. So, we decide just to go up the Food Court instead!
He ate Japanese set meal and i ate Mixed Rice ( we call it fast food in kch). It's damn expensive de lor.. 2 meat 1 fish, RM10.20! Damn! I can't accept it!!!
I ate the most expensive FAST FOOD in my life also Rm7 or Rm8 only. Not reaching Rm10!!
Even places like AMpang or those, the fast food wont reach RM10! Damn it! No 2nd time ady..
Just then, we regretted why we dont go for KFC just now which cost us more than RM10 but will worth it! Hahaha..

After lunch, I plan to go The Garden because I'd never been there. So we walk through the Ground floor towards The Garden G Floor. Just then, I realised nothing to see and walk also.
Suddenly, my eye spotted on the RED BOX two words! I'm damn excited! Hahaha..
Then we went Red Box! It's newly open. So, i dunno whether its under promotion or wad but the price is damn cheap de lor..

11am til 2pm, Rm10++ (for those who got student card) Including one meal, drink and buffet.
1pm til 6pm, Rm10++ (for those who got student card) Including 2 drinks.

We reach there at around 1sth pm ady. So the girl gave us the 11am til 2pm package but we can sing til 3pm coz we reach late too.. Wow! The sound system seriously is better than Kuching's 5x!! Hahaha.. Undeniably, the food, drinks offered and the service are really better than Kuching one lor! Wanna GO AGAIN!!!

Besides, I met alot of my Institute's Juniors and also High School fren, Edmund Lim! Nice to meet u Edmund after didnt see u for months! =)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Genting Highland

I reached KL at around 12sth am on Sunday. Later, I chatted with Rommel, my former NS mate about where to meet and where to go.. After we discussed and argreed, we plan to go Genting instead and we went offline like 2 something in the morning.
I'm ady very tired for waiting for flight at Kuching's Airport, reaching LCCT and waiting for my luggage, getting SkyBus to reach KL Central and 12am of coz, LRT closed ady. So, thanks to Yun Kah for the ride to Taman Melati. =P

On Sunday morning, I woke up around 6.45am and get myself prepared. When I wanna go to the Taman Melati LRT Station, I cant get any taxi infront of the guard house at the condo im staying. So, it took me 23minutes to walk from the guard house to the LRT Station. Super Hectic!

After that, we went to Gombak station and took the Genting bus up to Genting..

Here we go~ Have fun! Outdoor! I love you!!
Especially Space Shot! Damn exciting~ Hahaa...

Balenion @ Genting..

After outdoor games and Casino, come out for a break!

Check out unCLOSED outdoor games..

This is Rommel, My Ns mate.. He's currently studying at MMU, Cyberjaya..

This human-made waterfall very nice la..

And the view from here to First World Hotel.. Songz!

Take pics with cute energizer..

And measuring ur height!

The whole trip was fun yet tiring!!
I slept so well last night till this morning 9am! Hahaha..
To be continue... Need to sleep now.. =P
Going to meet with me senior, Alex 2moro @ MidValley! =)~

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Terry's Place @ Hui Sing, Kuching..

After last time went Terry's Place gather with Andy, Angie, Wendy, and her two frens. This is my 2nd visit to Terry. I think the food there quite nice with reasonable price..
I Strongly Recommend the two types of food that I'd tried there and it's seriously not bad, Fish And Chips and also Baked Cheese Chicken Chop... =)

Menu.. U can click to zoom the price..

The quality is not very good coz i took it with my hp...

Lime Juics. Rm1.50 or Rm2 only...

My Fish And Chips.. SO Big plate.. Hahaha..

The Fish Fillet.. Nice!! Rating: 7.8/10

The coleslaw Salad..

The Fries...

And also the salad sauce.. Not bad la..
But, Westwood's TArtar Sauce is better than this la.. Mai Hiam la... Hahhaa

Afterall, it's quite a good place to dine in.. =)
Do make a visit to Terry's PLace @ Hui Sing !!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Random pics on food Episode 2

My final started today and yes! 1 down, and 4 more to go! This week will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Next Monday and Tuesday! And i'll be free! Waiting for Merdeka! But, 米 wont 跌价 one la.. Hahaha...

Gambate for those local U's student too!!

Well, recently, less go out because wanna study and also wanna save money for my KL and also SG trip. Rm600 enough? Totally not! I gonna start from now too.. But still.. "I Wanna EAT EAT EAT!!" Hahaha..

Next, Random pics on food.

Salad Chicken @ Java Juice..
Not very bad..

Can u see the layer of rich SALAd?
Hahaha... And alot of vegetable for u too after u consume alot of meat..
Good combination though...=P

Hot days, and u need something refresh urself?
Go for ABC.. @ Song Kheng Hai!
It's owes the best! Rm1.50 only...

See lots of Ang Tau? Hahaha.. Ice Kacang 1 pls~!! =)

My Chicken Set @ Tomoe Japanese Restaurant..
Not nice one lor..
Spent more than Rm16 or Rm18 if im not mistaken...
Tell u, the normal Rm3 or Rm4's Chicken Rice taste better seriously! =)

Vanilla Blended ... Rm14.90.. @ Bing

Not bad! With white cream! Creamy... Yummy!! =)

And, and.. I like cheesy thing very much.
Pizza Hut's cheese, Cheesy Wedges, Spagetti with cheese... Everything with cheese will be my favourite! Ya! I knew its fattening! Hahaha..

Cheese Baked Rice @ Food Court, The Spring Kuching..
Rm9. Still not bad la..
Still in Kuching, Causeway Bay @ Crown is the best!
While the one i Missed the most, Kim Gary's Chicken Chop Cheese Baked Rice! Yum!!! =P~~~~~~~~~````
My saliva was dripping seriously! Hahaha..

And.. Yesterday.. 02 November 2008 was Cynthia's 21st Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you, Cyn!!
Waiting for u to update the birthday party @ Cynthia's House.. Hahahaha..