Saturday, May 12, 2007

@ Iglool at 4 1/2 mile and also King Centre, Queens Court...

After i read Cynthia's blog, i'd been motivated to try out those ice creams that she upload the photo to her blog. And when i reach there, i remeber she did rates Oreo Peanut Snow Ice. So i ordered it and i was regretted untill now. I went to 4 1/2 mile's Iglool yesterday and i went to King Centre's Branch today. Herm.. Sounds crazy right.. Anyway, some comment of mine on those ice creams...

Oreo Peanut Snow Ice Rm5 which cynthia rate it like 8 or 9.5/10. For me, 4.5/10. I dont like biscuit with ice cream.. Yucks~!!

Pure Green Tea Snow Ice..Rm4.80. Rating 6/10. The green tea taste strong..Like perfume.. hahaha. :P

Strawbery / Red Bean Snow Ice.. Rm 4.80. Rating 8/10 I like red bean very very much...

Deco at 4th 1/2 mile de Iglool... King Centre Branch de nicer...

Peanut Ice With Chocolate + Extra Chocolate Jam.. Rm 5.30. Rating 8/10.

Recommended by the waitress. Green Tea Ice With Fresh Egg Yolk. Rm5.50. Rating 4.5/10. The fresh egg yolk make me feel like vormit...

Milk Ice with Red Bean + Extra Red Bean. Rm 5.30. Rating 9/10. Red Bean again.. Yummy... :P~

Milk Ice With Cornflakes.. Quite nice.. But still red bean nicer.. :P~ Rm 4.80. Rating 8.5/10

Table and chair at King Centre's Branch.. Nicer than 4 1/2 mile de.. Seriously. We are told that next week onward, we can bring our laptop there access the wi-fi. :P~

For more information, please visit . Thanks.. :P~

Secret Recipe at Song Thian Chok...

My friend told me Secret Recipe wad open last last Thursday at Kuching. I feel like want to try but i think of the price and i open my wallet and see. I told myself i better dont waste too much money on food. But then that day, which is this Tues which had just past, my friend's birthday and sone coursemate just suggest to buy cakes from there. So we have to go buy cake from there, why dont we might as well try the cakes too. Hahaha.. I suggest and few of them say YES! There we go..
When we reach, i push the door and it's not full. So we chose a place and sat down. i heard my sis say the cheesecake is beign awarded. So i told the waiter i want a pure cheesecake, then the waiter ask me, wad cheese u want? we got many kinds of cheese cake. My face turn red and i turn the menu as fast as i can to get to the cheesecake's page. (*-*) So we ordered few cakes and there u go..

Secret Resipe's Menu...

Cheese Cake's page which i turn as fast as i can when i felt pai sei... :)~

this is chocolate cakes and white cream which i heard of banana chocolate cake are nice..

This is Mango Delight. Price is Rm6 excluding Tax(there are Gov Tax and Service Charge Tax) Rating 4.5/10

This is my M & M chocolate Ice Cream. I'm Kinda childish to order this. Stupid. Regretted. Not nice. I can simply buy a packet of M & M and pour on my ice cream. Gosh. Cost me Rm7.90. Rating 3/10 too Normal...

Chocolate Banana.. Rm6. Rating 4.5/10. Just like eating a bunch of banana when im biting the cakes.. eiw~!! Disgusting~!

Strongly Recommended. White Chocolate Macadamia. Wow~! It taste nice.. With the cream layer outside.. Eiw... Nice.. nice... I want more~!! Rm6 too.. Rating 9/10

Strongly Recommended too... The Awarded Cheese cake and it's called Marble Cheese cake. Hey waiter~! Now i knew the name already.. Wahahha.. Rm6 too.. The smallest size among all.. Rating 9.5/10

Just Secret Recipe...

Main Door Look of Secret Resipe..

Four of us ate four cakes with drinks and that cost us Rm49.80 including stupid gov tax and service charge. Anyway, its worth if we order only Macadamia and Marble cheese cake.. Hiak hiakz haikz... Must try must try.,.. ~!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Banquet at 4 1/2 mile...

Today i went to The Banquet for dinner to celebrate Shuang Qin Jie as my sis will be leaving Kuching to JB tomorrow. The Banquet is kinda a hot topic in the newspaper and people around Kuching. So i might want to go and have a try. When i reach there, It's a WOW!! It's very big and huge. Can see the lighting (coz is at night time) very nicely decorated. Carpark also got nice lighting but i dont get the chance to get down ad take every part of The Banquet.
Well, i ordered and waiting for the dishes. While waiting, i took lots of pics which i uploaded some in frenster already. I took some pics of those DIshes.. It looks delicious and it tasted delicious of course.

This is my Honey Dew Juice. It costs around Rm6 one.

This is Butter Fish Fillet.. Its nice.. Must try must try... Rating 9/10

This is Deer meat with Yar Char Kueh... Rating 8/10

I like fried rice very much. So i ordered this Shrimp + Seafood Fried Rice. It tastes normal.. I think Hui Sing's Family Cafe is better than this..

This is known as "San Xian..." forgot the name.. Its quite nice.. Long bean, French fries atc deep fried with salted egg yolk. It's very very nice.. Must Try.. Rating 9.5/10

This is one of the "Zhao Pai Cai" Its recommended in the menu and its nice. The price also nice. Hahahha.. Rm 30 plus for only few stick of Lamb Steak... Rating 9.5/10
This is me finish biting the Chef Recommendation's Lamb Steak. Its nice.. Believe me.. Hehehez.. See i eat till so Happy.. :P~

The Banquet is big and huge. This is only one side of One Wing ( they have Oriental Wing for dishes and also Western Wing for Western Food).

The Zhao Pai. One of the Zhao Pai only. Stil got huge want no one accompany me go take the photo.... Sienz.. Hahaha..

Must Go Try The Banquet.. :P~

E-West at pitanak near Pop Wave Karaoke Box

This afternoon i went to pitanak after me and my few coursemate promised that we would come back and try those newly-opened(for us) cafes. There we are walking around to choose which cafe we wanna try. After walking from Pop Wave till the another end of the shop lots which i s malay shop, i say we walk back. Then we walk pass Mdm Tang's corner. We saw only few people there and wondering we should or shouldn't go in for a try. After that, we decide to go another shop, which is beside Mdm Tang's corner that is E-West. Just walking by the shop wanted to look inside, suddenly a man walk out and i thought he is going to intro some kind of menus but instead of introducing, he asked me: "are u zhao sheng?"
I'm blank in my mind for awhile and i keep on thinking who is he.
Then i pointed at him and ask : " u know me? i can't remember who are you!"
It's kinda embarrasing cause i always cant remember someone when i didnt see them for long time. ( Few times already around the kch happening same incident)
Then he said:" u really can't remember me? I'm Lip Zhao."
Then i say: " Ooohh.. Remember.. U r different from las time ( he change his hairstyle and also wear contact lences)
I'm felt embarrased and asked him what the menu and turn to my coursemate and ask whether it's okay for us to try at here. They agreed and we went in.
We looked at the menu for quite long and i browse through and saw Fish And Chips. I stopped searching for other food already because i like Fish And Chips very much. Hahaha.. I ordered Pepermint tea and to my suprise, its in packet with Boh ( different from wad i ordered at kopitiam)
After 15 mins waiting, here our dishes came...

This came 1st, Soya Bean. Although just a simple Soya Bean but it looks more high class then my pepermin tea, tats why i didnt take my pics of the tea. HAhaha..

This is the Black Pepper Chicken Rice.. It look nice. The rice are unique compare to outside but according to my fren, he saud it is not nice.. :P

This is Dan Char Mee. My fren told me she rather go and eat Kolok Mee at Song Kheng Hai.. My gosh..

This is Lemon Chicken Rice. My friend told me that she wont feel full of the little cute breast chicken meat. Hahahha..

This is my Fish And Chips. Although it was not as nice as Westwood or Richmond, but still, the best and delicious among those my friend's. Im happy and grateful i ordered the right thing. Hahaha. But i think i won't have a second time to there. :(

After finish our lunch, we walk over the shops again and noticed that Chicking Meat or Eat beside E-West is full and i can smeel the chicken and the rice are ... Herm.. It will be our next target.. Hahahaha..