Saturday, May 31, 2008

海霸王海鲜 @ Kuching, Sarawak

Went to this place to have dinner to celebrate my fren's Birthday.
Hai Ba Wang's Restaurant.. Somewhere near Padungan, the huge cat waving the hand in Kuching's town.
Siew Mei's Birthday!

The 'Zhao Pai'

The dishes here quite nice and the price is reasonable lor.. And of coz, quite nice too...

Here are those dishes that we ordered...

Fried Rice..

Chef Recommeded Taufu...

Salad Chicken....

Black Pepper Deer Meat...

Fried Oyster.. O Jian...

Fried Mani Vege with Egg..

Butter Prawn...

Gong Bao Fish Fillet....

Dessert time... Watermelon...

Our Group Photo! Siew Mei's Birthday!!

It's me on that day... Mr Balenion...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WestWood, Kuching, Sarawak

I'm finally back from
1) 2days 1night trip to Palm Beach Resort, Sematan.
2) 3days 2nights to Sarikei and Sibu.
And i just reached home at Kuching this evening. Damn hectic de lor..

I will arrange up all my photoes on Palm Beach trip and upload soon. Lotsa pics i left behind in my laptop and haven got the time to filter, arrange and upload it yet.
But, my 3 weeks holidays will allow me to do so i guess.. Ohyeah! Happy Holidays to those STUDENTS!!! =P

Went to this Westwood actually last last week. Till now, it's it turn to be post up..
Basically, most people will know Westwood for the quality and quantity of food. The price here is very reasonable and quite nice. Of coz, not PERFECT!

The Brand New Menu..
Since Sushi King Opened in Kuching,
i had seldomly step into Westwood for my fish and chips anymore!! =)

I found this interesting thing behind the Menu. It labelled the whole part of a COW...

The shop will be open from 5pm till 10.30pm.
If im not mistaken, last time, they open at 6pm lo..

Any reservation of enquiry, kindly contact

My most beloved Fish And Chips.
Rm10 now ady lor. Last time used to be Rm9 only..
Rating: 7.5 /10

Pork Chop.
I had actually forgotten how much the price is.
If not mistaken, its in range of Rm6.50 to Rm8 lo.
This one not very nice lor. Can smell the pork smell summore. Disgusting right.
Erm, another Recommended Dishes is Almond Chicken.. =P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Golden Arch Cafe @ 3rd Mile, Kuching, Sarawak.

For those Laksa fans, im sure u'd been to this place before in Kuching... I heard of it very long time ago and everyone saying Nice Nice Nice! But, i just dont like to eat Laksa. No motivation to go there too..
This time, i need to drive my sis and her frens from West Malaysia there, so i might give it a try. The result is same. I dont think ITS NICE LOR!!

But many people say nice! My coursemates from Sarikei, Bintangor, Sibu say nice! The frens from West M'sia said nice too.. Only im the weird one. Well, i like Penang Laksa more.. Haha.. I also dont know why..Golden Arch Cafe.
Located at 3rd Mile Kuching, when u reach the roundabout at 3rd Mile, u can see the shop lots from the road side..

The Sambal and half Limau Kasturi..

This is the famouse SARAWAK LAKSA!!!
Rm4? 4got. Around that lar..


TOMORROW! Is a very important date. Because its my last day for all my finals paper!! My last two papers will be Anatomi and Fisiologi and also Science.. Hahaha.
But after this, i will be busy too.. Friday, we will be having Hari Keluarga and Hari Guru! So activities will be starting from morning to the night! We will be busy participating and i will be busy walking around!! If can, i will try my best to Curi Ular. Haha.. After busy Friday, i will be going to Sematan Palm Beach Resort, the one u can snorkelling by paying Rm85. It's kinda expensive lor. Dotn have package? The room will be Rm390. For Family 6 person's room, including 6 dinners and 6 breakfast. And the transport going there will be expensive too. Rm340 the whole van to and fro. This time, will be wasting more than Rm120 i guess.. Nvm, as long as relax, good enough la.. Will update again when im back! =P

Monday, May 19, 2008

Will Be Away for few Days..

Actually from last Tuesday, my final started. And after that, we will only have our nex paper on tomorrow. I dont really understand why they arrange it like this? Give us more time to study, infact, just will make us lazier to take out our book and study, LIKE ME!!
Tomorrow is my exam and untill now, 12pm, i still haven touch any single book. I wanted to start my revision but these days the weather just damn hot, MAKE ME NO MOOD to study. But however, 2moro exam still goes on. I need to ADD OIL now... Start study now.
My exam will be continuous this time, Tuesday one paper, Wednesday one paper, and Thurday TWO paperS! Wish Me lucks!! I need POWER! Anyone, some MOTIVATION pls.. I know, go PALM BEACH on saturday after my exam will be my 1st motivator!! hahaha..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

McDonald's @ 3rd Mile Kuching.

After badminton, we went to McDonald to take our lunch! Hehe..

And everytime, i will only order two kind of things only at McD lor...
That are.....

French Fries~!!!

Yummy look.. Wanna eat ady! Very nice lor.. KFC and Sugarbun one lousy taste!!\

Oreo McFlurry!

This Oreo Ice Cream. Dont know why, damn like it, damn nice.
But its very FATTENING too lor..

Close Look...
Besides, introducing, new Big Mac Burger!!

Big Mac!!
Not very big la. Very small only. When u order, got two kinds of sizes,
which are medium and MEGA! Haha..
MEGA for those size who are MEGA too..
Oh ya, they said the burger taste not bad lor..

My fren. Dohny, eat the Big Mac Deliciously and suddenly, one of my fren, Jimmy said, "hey, he looks like that taiwan singer, 李玖哲 very much!"
So, i quickly take out my hp and...
*Kacakz.. Kacakz*
His close look..
Hey! tell me!! Look alike or not?? Funny la..!! =P

This is the pics of the Taiwan Singer, 李玖哲's pics.. From internet..

And finally, Me with Uncle McD! =)
Hope i can be more fit and not fat!! Gambateh lor! =P

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, MUM!!!

Well, World's Mother's day was drop on 11th May 2008 which is on Sunday.

This time, i got the chance to make my mum surprise. Wahahaha..

I booked the cake from Secret Resipe.

The Nice-Lighting Zhao Pai..

The Packing!!

White Chocolate Macadamia!!
Very nice and sweet. But this big, i eat til very scared ady!! -.-""

The Mother's day's Card from me and my sis..

My Dad And Mum holding those gifts from us and also the Macadamia Cake..

Whole Family Pics!!

Oh ya, this time round, my sis brought back her SISTERS from West M'sia. They are having their Graduate Vacation visit to East Malaysia. And of coz, the time is limited enough to bring them round the whole East M'sia.
So far, they went around Kuching, Sarikei, Bintagor, Sibu. And those small places like Sri Aman, Serian, Lundu, Sematan n so on..

Four Pretty girls...
From the Left, Ling Hua ( Penang ), Sheau Pei ( JB ), Aggie ( JB ), Chene ( Kuching )...

Welcome to Sarawak!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee @ The Spring

Well, went to the Spring at 9.55am. U know, i gotta wait at the main door for The Spring to open and its freaking hot at the carpark there.
I really dont understand why they didnt open at least the ground floor and let us wait at the Ground Floor? At least we got some cool air to enjoy..

So nvm, i owes dont have the chance to try the Donuts even thought, i knew, im outdated. The donuts fever is almost over or may be over.. I got the chance to buy it this time because, 10am! The shop just opened, u dont expect anyone queing up there right?? Haha..

So, beside us, there's no body else lor.. I get the time to choose slowly those donuts..

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

The Logo.

The Menu...
Got many kinds of variety and choices lor..

Our 12-in-1 Pack!

Yummy Yummy!!

Herm.. look Delicious!!

The left one is the Mango Delight, and the right one is the Cheesy one..

Strawberry, 101 Dalmation??!

Chocolate?! 4got.

Cheese and 101 Dalmation? Hehe.. Cute name....

Well actually, when the fever just started, i saw lots of pics from other blogger's blog. And from the pics, i thought the donuts must be very oily la. Must be sweet la. but that's not true at all. It's not that oily lo. And its quite nice de.. Must go try if u got the chance!!