Monday, September 29, 2008

Famous Satay Celup @ Melaka..

Well, this satay celup also one of the tourist spot for the people all over the world.. Only when they reach melaka. Not hard to find but i dont know how to describe it here also..
Haha.. Let's look at the pics..

The worker is adding satay powder to the boiled water.

See? It's mixed together now.

Nah.. Just dip ur lok lok in here and u can eat ady..

Random pics on the lok lok... Rm0.70 per stick..

Self service lo..
Quite alot of choices too.. But not much is the one i like de..

See the varieties?

Wow.. Fried stuff also got..


That's all.. Sorry for late update. Been very very busy. Just got time to update this week coz i'll be having one week of Raya hols.. Hehhe.. Stay tune for more posts.. :p

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Melaka Famouse Cendol...

Being very busy recently. Especially last week. Realy Exhausted jor..
So u can see me less update my blog ady nowadays.
Really need rest once I got free time. Of coz, some time spare for Sing K at some Karaoke Box in Kuching like Pop Wave, Enter K, Crown Square..

Today gonna post about my trip to Melaka last month. Don't have much time to settle and arrange all the photoes taken and also upload them to WWW (World Wide Web) yet..

Introducing~ Melaka Famouse Cendol...
I took 15 minutes walking around to look for this shop. Sigh.. It's just a small shop only. I not sure it's a house also or not. But dont care, my main purpose is the CENDOL.. =)

Recognise this stall nex time if u r trying to look for the famouse cendol too...

Beside cendol, there're few other types of food also like laksa, rojak and so on...

It offers Nyonya Cendol, rojak, home cook nyonya food and so on..

Lets look at the Rojak.. Not nice one lo..
Dont order this! Remember!

The Famouse Nyonya Cendol... Deng deng deng deng!!!

This one really nice lor.
But not very very nice till i want go again that type la..
Rating: 7/10.
Quite tasty.. =)

This one is the Nyonya Laksa. Very nice..
Rating: 8/10..

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Japanese Buffet @ Tao @ Penang, Malaysia

Before I went to Penang for my sis's convo this Aug, I'd heard about this Japanese BUffet and had already plan to go since January. Thats Crazy man! Hahaha. But if say till food, I just cannot control my own emotions. =P
Finally got chance to eat the Japanese Buffet @ Tao, E-Gate, Penang.

Each person is charged Rm57 including taxes. Some may say expensive but, in Kuching, we can't get any Japanese Buffet at this price. All those in hotels are expensive. Wil reach Rm60++ till Rm150++. So, this is still counted as Okay for me.

Besides, Many nice stuff to eat too.. Especially abalone and Cheesy Scallops are my favourite. I just order it non-stop as they are free flows. Hahahaha.. Anyone start dripping saliva now?
For those who are Cheese-lover like me, will say! YUMMY!!
While for those Cheese-Hater, u'll say, YUCKS!!


Tao~ I like this design..

The plate of abalone! Hahaha..
It's really nice! Nice to eat, nice to bite, got mayonese and the meat....
So nice!! Argh...

This one i dont like very much la.. Dunno wad it calls too

Mutton meat. Not bad..

Fried Vege..

Butter Fish Fillets.
This one very nice!!
The meat inside just like the one at westwood.
Somemmore got butter..
Herm!! Can't help falling in love!! =)

Close look!! =P

Temaki SUshi.. Nothing different lo. Sushi King also can eat de..

But the Mayo and Cheese is damn big and much de..
U can eat til u felt the satisfaction!!

Fried Sotong. not bad lo.. Crispy!

Grilled Fish!

Sweet and Sour Chicken! Nice also..

Ladies and Gentlement! My 2nd Favourite dishes are coming!!!
Deng deng deng deng!!!

Welcoming, Cheesy Scallops!! Hahahaha...


Tell me. Eat Till u VORMIT!! Hahaha..

Normal sushis..

This a new plate of the Mayo Abalone! Look nice right? hehe..

This one is fried wad i 4got. But seems nice too. hehe

This one is salad Crab Stick. Got mayo inside one..

Nugget? 4got jor..

Wad Spider Sushi one.. hehe

Fried sotong with onions..

Chicken balls with onion..


Ikan Billis!

U see.. Cheesy Scallops! hehe..

A new plate of Cheesy Scallops!


My another favourite Mayo Abalone!!

Go Penang, Anyone? Hahahaha..