Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank Food Vegetarian @ Kuching, Sarawak..

After reading Yuki's Blog post entry on 天福素食馆, I'm attracted by the butter mushroom rice. So one afternoon, me and my coursemate went to have our lunch there...
Thank Food Restaurant is located at Pitanak area same row as Pop Wave Karaoke. One is the beginning of the row and the other, is the end of the row..

Thank Food Vegetarian Restaurant

The address and also the contact number for those who are interested..

Baby Kailan rice...

Salad Mushroom Rice.. Rm4..

My set of Butter Mushroom Rice. Rm6.90
Small portion lo.
Rather eat the Salad Mushroom..

Everyone will be given one simple soup..

The chillis, Ginger and also Soya Sauce.

And tomorrow, 30 th August 2008.
I'm very nervouse. Gonna participate in Inter-School singing competition. Hope I'll be in good condition as this few days I keep on training till lost voice jor.. Hope 2moro everything will goes on smoothly... =)

I'll Try My Very Best!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Strongly Recommended !!!!!

Recently, I'm chasing after one drama that is 天使之翼.
This Taiwan series is not famous but seriously, it's nicer than most of the taiwan series out there. 偶像剧, is very boring and most of the time, concentrate more on the actor more than the story line but this
天使之翼, concentrate more on the StoryLine which is really nice..
Most of the part are touching and I do add in the summary for you guys to read.

The Group Pics of the actor.
They aren't famous actor but they act very well, those who watched this drama before, u'll agree with what I'd said.. =)

片  名:天使之翼[已完结]
地  区:台湾
主要演员:洪小铃 窦智孔 杨一展 翁家明 夏如芝






Watch it for the rest story.. Believe me. U'll like it!! =P

My Rating for this movie: 9.8 / 10

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Famous Chicken Rice Balls @ Melaka..

Chicken Rice Balls are very famous at Melaka.
This time I finally got the chance to try it myself!!
The Chicken Rice..
Not Bad lo..
Rating: 8/10

The Chicken Rice Balls...

Close look. It's quite nice lo. Very special..

If look from far, we will thought that is Fish Balls. =P

I just back from trip to Penang, KL and also Melaka. Will update soon! =)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kuching Festival @ Kuching, Sarawak

As I promised, I gonna post about Kuching Festival.

Kuching Fest will start from 01/08/08 till 24/08/08. Till now, I went there twice only.. I don't wish to go more often too because, I can't help swallowing FOODs down to my stomache. Hahaha..
Go less = Save Money for me..

Well, 1st of all, u need to withdraw money from Bank before u go Kuching Fest!

After that, Deng deng deng! We reached Kuching Fest ady!

There are 3 rows of stalls all together selling different types of foods. Lots of variety for u to choose. If u got $, u won't starve there alright?! =)

Stalls selling drinks..

Some seats got temporary roof.
But, most seat is in open spaces, therefore, when raining, won't be alot of people there...

Stalls selling foods...

Random Photos on Kuching Festival!! Let's see..............

Shuang Long Taiwan Sausage~

Got two types, Normal Xiang Chang and also Zhen Zhu Xiang Chang ( look like fishball one)...

TeoChew Fried Oyster aka O Jian...

Fried Ice Cream.
I don't kinda like to eat this actually.
I stil remember in the year 2005 when i try this, it was Rm1.50 only... =)

Nothing special about this la.. We can get it anytime at Jln Song there lor...
Quite nice de actually.

I never try eating birds and I won't try them too!!

Fried Sio Bee.. Yummy yummy!!!

Steam Sio bee.. Not bad too..

Got alot kind of food here lor, Korean, Japanese, Asian, Taiwanese, Indoneseian..
And etc etc....

Taiwanese food..

Salad You Tiaw...
Not very nice lo this kind, not much meat inside one..

Fried Kiaw with Salad. Not bad la.. I bought one.. =)

Fried Crab Balls...

Vegetarians Food... Not bad la..
Quite alot of choices let u choose too...

Western food. French fries and all that...

Onion Ring, Prawn Ball, Chicken, Salad You Tiaw.....

Fried Pao.
Damn Oily.
3 for rm2.
Damn Yucky!!!
Make sure u eat this after u eat all ur other food, if not, u gonna vormit out!

This fried Sio Bee like more delicious, Yes? Hahaha..

There also got stalls selling Sushis...
But i don't see anyone buying. Coz now, Kuching got Sushi King ady lor..

Roasted Chicken..

Sweet and Sour Fish...

Fried Tauhu and also Fried Oyster...
Nice.. Not bad..

Fried Prawn. Look nice but I didn't buy. No $ ady..

Fried Crispy Taufu...

Dragon Ball, One stick Rm1 one only.
Still okay la.. Cheap thing ma..
Cannot put high expectation it..

Lin's Taiwan Sausage. This is wad im talking about in my previous Entry..

Got few flavour for u to choose one lor..

Huge and Fat Sausages...

Fried Golden Crab Sticks...

Salad Fried Kiaw!!

Butter Chicken Rice!!

Fried Sio Pao..

Fried Oyster. Very nice!! Rm5 one packet containing few pieces only...

Pearl milk tea's Pearls...

And finally, my pearl milk tea. Not bad la..

To find out more, go to the festival now and join the FEst together!! =)

- The End -