Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's 6 beta Gathering and two new Student of 6 Beta,... :)

Actually, it was Beta's gathering but Balenion and Anita appear to registered themselves as Betaian. HAaha.. That night, Hui Sie and Cynthia was not there for the gathering... -.-""||

Place: WestWood COntinental cafe
Time: 7.30pm
Beta'ian' Attended: Ai Mey, Candy, Amelia, Chee Howe, CLarence, Andy, Balenion and Anita.

Erm, i didnt take photoes of the food at westwood because i think most of you have been there and taste those food there right? Well, i ordered Fish And Chips again... And and.. I got another small piece while Amelia dont. hahaha.. They look at the people who ordered ok? Dont get offence Amelia.. Sorry.. T.T~

Clarence just exclaimed that he did brought his Digicam when we reached the car. And so, we took some pics out of the Cafe. And and.. He brought a Battery-less Digicam... My god.. Pls charge it when u r free at home.. hahaha..

Group Photo.
From Left, Ai Mey, Candy, Andy, Chee Howe, Clarence and Amelia.

Same people except Clarence change to Anita...

After that, few of them went off and thus, left few of us, Andy, Me, Anita and Ai Mey. We are thinking for places to sit and drink and finally, we chose Patio.

The Zhao Pai... "Patio" Not enough bright lar Tauke~!!

Andy, The Handsome~

Balenion, Acting to be cool... :P

Ai Mey, the funny, acting to be humorous~ Kekeke...

Ooppss.. Dont have anita de Dan Du Zhao... nvm.. take next time.. Hahaha...

Anita and Andy.. Same same black.. Something wrong??? :)

Andy and me.. Now just realise the thing im hugging suits me alot.. hahaha.. Can be Heineken's Promoter ady...

Ai Mey and me... * She still looks funny?? * :P

Ai Mey and Anita.. Both funny k??!!

And finaly, Balenion and Anita...

p/s: Miss Anita! Don't sue me again! Since the first post u say want sue me till now.. I'm getting out of idea wad should i do ady.. Hahaha..

NEXT -->> Gathering / Farewell aka Pop Wave karaoke... Stay Tune~!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sekali Gus Campur Rojak....

Dinner and Movie...

Well, my sch was reopen this mon and I'd started to busy with my sch lifes again. I don't really have time to blog ady but i still will blog since i always online when weekend probably i will try to update. Sorry my frens if i didn't update for long. I apologize...
Well, we have this small small dinner and may be some of u might call it gathering?? Haha..
Balenion, Andy, Vui Kiat, Anita, Ai Mey. Kee Seng put us aeroplane at the very last minute!!! So we decided to go this Chef At Home located just opposite the Petronas Hui Sing. I saw many reports and blogs bout this Chef At Home how delicious, how nice and so on.. So We DECIDED to go without any changes ALLOWED! Hahaha..
Let's take a look~

The Cover of the Menu....

The Content of the Menu...

The Design. U can actually noticed Petronas in this pics. It's so sooo damn green... Hahaha..

The Tables And Chairs....

The Fish And CHips at Chef At Home.... Taste so so.. Westwood de nicer!! Hahaha

This is wad Kiss?? 4got the name.. But the taste doesn't taste as nice as the name given!! -.-""

After Dinner, We planned to watch Movie at Cinema. It's around 9sth when we reached the cinema. Well, that night, the Cinema was not pack with human.... After few of us choose from the choices(Shrek3 or Ocean 13), finally we all decided to watch Shrek3...

Andy and Vui Kiat Hiaw'ing' the Shrek characters. Hahaha.. They are so Zhi Lian. Aren't they?
p/s: i use my phone to snap this. Sorry for the blur photo.
Well, Shrek3 was quite funny. I was laughing around and it's not very interesting but Funny!! Rating: 7/10

From the cinema. Snap the night view of waterfront....

Hehehehz... Strongly Recommended.. Fish And CHips from WestWood. It's my fav food. 10 time go westwood, 10 time i'll order this.. :P

Going Further!!!

Well, yest i went to take breakfast at Fook Khang near Hock Lee Centre. When i'm going back, i saw Milo Car... i started to wonder why our campus always can see Nescafe's truck but not Milo? So i took out my hp and snap this. I want u Milo~!! :P~

I chase after the truck and took its pics again.. I know i'm lame ok?!! -.-""

Hahaha.. Finally, i zoom and snap this. Mind u, im driving dangerously that morning cause i have to control me sterling summore!!


Well, Cynthia. This is the Haagen-Dazs i mention to u earlier on when u ask me kch beside Iglool anymore places to go for Ice Cream? I told u baskin robbin and haegen dazs right? This is wad i saw in kch today. 20 June @ Choice Daily Tabuan Laru.
Hahaha. I help to promote this. Well, i'll get my salary end of this month.(Hopefully)
Cynthia so $-$"" face~ And and also Clarence!!! Same $-$""|| <-- All about money!!!

I saw this Haagen Dazs Fridge... I'm shocked. i turn around and see clearly...

It's really Haagen Dazs Ice Creams.. hahaha.. Well, i tried once at QueensBay Mall, Penang. It was nice and if im not mistaken, one scoop Rm7.90 or Rm8.90. It's really taste very rich with so soo many choices of flavours...

One more shots to make sure im taking the right thing in Kuching.. Hahaha. Cant believe it. Anyway, it's just a fridge. Not an outlet!!! Sigh!!

Got Container and kotak de..

One kotak Rm14. I didnt buy. Nex time sure i will try and buy. hahaha..
Ohh. I know ady. Cynthia, i dont want SCR anymore. I target this for u to chia me. U pandai pandai lar.. Wakakaka... :P

SDO ( Super Dancing Online)

Well, i started to play this game 2 days ago and im in level 3 now. I'm kinda noob when i saw Kee Seng, Vui Kiat and Cynthia playing. Wow. They are just very great man. Wonder when i have to train myself to reach that grade. Well, today internet really sucks. Sdo super duper lagging!! Cant play fun also.. And msn. My fren exclaimed that i appear offline when im online doing sth. Its kinda stupid! Nvm.. take times.. This is Malaysia!! Lets see how the improvement!!

Local U and also Decission...

Local U's result was announced the day before yesterday. And yes, many of my frens got it and Congratulations!!!!
Most of them are leaving next week and report on the beginning of July. Well, so far those that i know who strike Local U are... Cynthia, Chee Howe, Clarence, Yin Hon, Vui Kiat, Liang Shiu, Khee Giap, CHi Lai, Huoy Shien, Amelia, Kishan. Their courses i 4got and still some left out because i can just remeber this by this time....
All people going to leave their hometown and further their studies some where else. Well, Good Luck to all my frens!! Take Care when u are outside.. Kuching will be lonely without u guys!!!

Songs Lyrics....
This song is from me to my frens who are leaving soon. Take Care!!!


我知道你有千言你有万语 却不肯说出口
你知道我好担心我好难过 却不敢说出口
当你背上行囊 卸下那份荣耀
面带着微微笑 用力的挥挥手
当你踏上月台 从此一个人走
深深的祝福你 最亲爱的朋友

Monday, June 11, 2007

I Like Liquor Very Much~!!! @The Office on the night on 6th June...

Well guys. Sorry for late update for this. I'm suppose to blog it out on 7th or later before today but I just facing some problems lar.. Hahaha..

The Office is a PUB and is a really safe PUB. It's located along the Padungan. U can simply find the sign board. It's purple in colour if i'm not mistaken and u can just recognised it with one look.. U can just enjoy the music and also the drinks there same as other PUB which is dangerous or wadever lar.. Well, if u want to say The Office too small. And yes. It's a bit squeezing when there're lots of ppl. Exp somewhere near the back there, ppl will start to dance there when the music Activates them.. Hahaha..

Let's see how much we enjoy this night. :P~

The Light decoration...

The inside of it.. The cupboard are full of different branded Liquors...

Balenion. Thomas and our Birthday girl, Anita

So-Called Husband and Wifes and wad 7 million?? Don't know wad they are crapping.. :P~
Anita, don't sue me again for posting up ur photoes.. Hahaha.. I don't have money for my lawyer..

Anita, Mei Chin, Ai Mey

Balenion, Thomas, Dennis...

That three girls again.. But how come Anita n Ai Mey's position changed???

Oh ya.. Ultramas In Spect.. Look cool huh?? Thomas, u should consider having a Degreeless spect.. :P~

Yam Seng~~~

Anita: I pray I can meet my Bai Ma Wang Zi now... @-@""!!

Mei Chin: Hey!! Stop Dreaming! Nah.. Drink to release ur Tension in searching ur White Horse Prince.. Hahaha...

Anita: I blow, I blow.. I want to make the fan move...
Thomas: Nah!!! No need. Don't be stupid!! Use inner power like me. U're just wasting ur time...

Well, 30 mins later....
Thomas: Apalah!! Lousy Fan!! ( I'm putting my spect in a position that Old Man always does.)

The Drunk King, Dennis... Hahaha.. I was told his face turn white, then red and then lastly, purple.. Oh my God!! Hahaha..

Peace our Supervisor~!

Hey hey.. Dont point me.. I know i will post this into my blog.. :P

Self take pics no 1

Ai Mey: Is this Sprite??? Or Green Tea???

Ai Mey: Yeah.. I'm Thirsty.. I want green tea.. Hahaha...

Dennis: Hey! That thing make me drunk. u better dont try.. Hahaha..
Ai Mey: I still want. I still want...

The HAND: Hey, Drunk King, Wake up! Wake Up! R u ok??

Anita Zhi Lian Kuang ZHI PAI...

We stayed at the office untill 2 am i think till it closed. Correct me if i mistype some info ya.. Then all of us were hungry and wanna take Supper or i call it Breakfast.. So we decided to go Pitanak... The only shop which was open that time, those stalls upstairs the Pitanak Market..
Well, all of them ordered Kueh Chap and i dont like it. So I'm the only one order other thing...

Anita: Huh!! Headache! Wanna take my breakfast sin...

Well, Thomas hyperactive after Liquor. Don't know he was drunk or not but everyone just crapping. We all don't know and sure wad we are talking about...

Exp our drunk King.. Hahaha.. He point to his hand and said: " Highlight!!! " We all almost fainted. It's so funny that we really LOL and i just don't get the chance to take the photo. All happen too sudden and fast. I have to laugh 1st before i can take the hp properly.. Hahaha

Nyam nyam nyam.. So so so delicious~!!

U see... All people ordered the same. i took all this photoes cause my order had not yet arrive.. Pity me.. I'm hungry too ok?!!

While waiting... Self Take pics no 2.. HEhehez

Hey!! Drink Liang Cha first.. U will feel better.. hahaha...

5 of them scolded me crazy because i go and order Fried Rice. Hahaha.. They said where got ppl eat fried rice at this time wan? Well, I'm the one..!! Hahaha..

Happy 20th Birthday to Anita once again. Hope u can really meet ur White Horse Prince( Bai Ma Wang Zi) lar.. And and.. do u like the birthday song at The Office.. Hahah.. Hope u have an Unforgettable one.. Cheers..~!!

Finally~ I just like Liquor very much!! Sik sik sik... * tsk tsk tsk * :)~
Let's clubbing. It's just RockssSSSsss~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!